A life was saved at Lord today.


A Pythons dad collapsed during his Parents v. Kids match.  Within seconds the message was relayed to Jo (a GP) in the clubhouse who grabbed the defibrillator and ran towards Rob on the other side of the ground. Tara (a nurse) was also told there was an injury on the ground and saw Jo running so she also got there within seconds.  Jo and Tara and others worked tirelessly with CPR and the difib (shock was advised) to keep Rob alive until the ambulance arrived on the ground, which was only about 7 minutes later.

Rob got the oxygen he needed (he was grey) and once stable, was taken to hospital where he had an angiogram, they found a 90% blockage and put in a stent. Doctor said the survival rate in these circumstances is typically 3 out of 10, but thanks to the quick response at the club Rob has no damage to his heart and he’s now sitting up and speaking.

We all saw it. It was traumatic. A debriefing session has been organised for 7pm Tuesday in the Lord clubhouse for anyone feeling affected or who would like to talk it through. The session will be convened by Gino Carrafa, a trauma psychologist (state duty psych to Ambulance Victoria), who is also a dad in our club and was there today.  Let me know if you’d like to come along.