2018 Family Gala Day

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Free Resuscitation Courses

Monash University Paramedic students will have an ambulance on the ground and are offering free resuscitation and CPR sessions as well as general health and first aid for anyone interested in saving or helping someone.

This will happen between 9am-1pm. Come and visit throughout the day!




Mini World Cup

Normal U7 rules apply. The only difference is match duration, which will be 12 mins with no half time breaks because the matches are so short already we can’t afford to lose 3-4 mins for half-time.  Home team (the team listed first) plays towards the north (Munro Avenue side).




Trophy Presentations

TimeslotAge Group
9:00am - 9:45amU8 Trophy Presentations
9:30am - 10:30amU9 Trophy Presentations
10:00am - 11:00amU10 Trophy Presentations
11:00pm - 11:30pmSpeeches...
Club President
Club General Manager
Dignitaries on Stage
11:30am - 12:15pmU11 Trophy Presentations
12:00pm - 12:45pmU12 Trophy Presentations

Teams must assemble in front of the stage at the start time for their age group.

Each team gets 5 minutes for...

  1. coach says a few words about the team this season
  2. coach calls players up one-by-one and presents trophy
  3. parents get photos of the team with their trophiesrr

See also 2018 Names for Trophy Engraving



What to Wear

Teams getting trophies should wear their Glen Eira kits because there’s always group photos on stage of each team holding their trophies.  Spot the difference:











Bendigo Bank

Our generous sponsors at the Ormond-McKinnon Branch will have a marquee with  information packs and enticements for kids to open a Piggy Saver Account.




Soccer Mums

Please Pre-Register your interest:  Soccer Mums – Free Come And Try


Team Photos

Team Photos will be ready to collect from your Team Manager (who in turn can collect them from the Club Hub)



Parents v. Kids Matches


Parents from U8 – U13 teams have 30 minutes to show their kids how it’s done.





Do a quick warm-up to avoid injury.
Do a quick warm-up to avoid injury
Click to view Parents v. Kids match schedule

Parents v Kids Match Schedule

Match Rules
  • An air horn will be blown across the whole park every half hour to indicate the end of all matches.
  • A second air horn 2 minutes later will mark the start of the next matches.
  • No break for halftime (unless you want one, then time it yourself)
  • Teams must provide their own ball
  • Teams wanting a ref must provide their own.
  • Matches must run on time else it impacts the trophy presentations. Therefore check the schedule please and try not to be late.



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Volunteer Roster

We find out how you feel about the club by the response we get when we ask for volunteers.

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