5-7yo Kick-Off Program Leader

You don’t have to be a football expert to instruct the ALDI MiniRoos Kick-Off kids.

The emphasis is on natural development i.e. learning by PLAYING football. Less coaching, but more organising FUN football exercises is the key to helping players build a love for the game.

  • Time commitment is 2 hours per week (10:30am – 12:30pm on Saturdays).
  • Program runs on Saturdays from April until early September.
  • Pay is $15 per hour (16-17yo) and $20 per hour (18yo+).
  • All equipment is provided.

Kick-Off Program Leaders with Glen Eira FC will receive regular training from renowned junior coaching expert Darren Tan.


  • Plan, prepare, deliver, and review each and every session;
  • Keep the games moving fluently, limiting stoppages and encouraging all players;
  • Create an environment that ensures all players have fun and have maximum involvement
  • Be flexible, patient and positive.



Keep it Fun

Remember to SMILE AND LAUGH. This is supposed to be fun, both for you and for them! They won’t have a good time if you don’t and you lose a lot of effectiveness with kids if you’re always in a bad mood!

Dress up the drills as some other kind of game. Playing soccer alone won’t keep their attention for that long.   Eg. Tell the kids that they are bears, the ball is a honeycomb, and they need to kick the honeycombs into their cave (the goal)

Variety is key. You can’t expect them to pay attention to some drill or game for longer periods of time. You have to get a feeling for when they are starting to become bored. Change it up and keep them busy.   Never have them stand around and wait.

Make it less about soccer and more about their imagination. Make it fun and interesting, let them be animals, superheroes, cartoon characters, and little will they realize they’re getting a workout and learning the basics of soccer.

Practice 50/50 balls by pairing up the kids, asking them what animal/superhero/whatever they each want to be and then rolling the ball (bag of gold/egg/whatever) and seeing who can bring it back first.

Set the expectation for behavior. Player not behaving?  Ask them to stop politely twice, then send them to their parents on the sideline. Remember though that these are young children and they will do ridiculous and silly stuff.


Keep it Simple

Keep your concepts extremely simple and don’t use many words to describe them.  If a drill takes more than about half a minute to explain, it’s probably the wrong drill for this age group.   Keep it very short and very simple.

Overall remember that these are little kids. Smile, laugh, keep it simple, try and have fun, keep it simple, and make them run short distances when the group gets unruly, oh…and keep it simple.

Encouragement encouragement encouragement. You really should be shooting for a 5:1 ratio between things done right and things done wrong.

Keep your drills short. 5 minutes maximum.

You should spend at least half of your practice in match play, don’t overdo the drills. Coached matchplay is an excellent teaching tool for game mechanics.





See also the parent information page at: 5-6 yo Kick-Off Program.