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Return to Play update (10 July)

‘Return to Play’ Guidelines

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Dear all,

On behalf of the Committee, please see attached further update for your attention.

As you know, we are experiencing unprecedented and difficult times. We acknowledge that COVID-19 has had (and continues to have) an adverse effect on everyone’s daily lives. As a community, I wish to especially wish to thank you for all your support and patience over the last 4 months or so. I also wish to thank Stewart, our coaching co-ordinators, all coaches, managers, age group co-ordinators and other volunteers (who make our Club great) for all your hard work in these trying times. Without your continued support, our Club would not be where it is today.

Stay safe. Hopefully, we can recommence training and matches after Stage 3 restrictions have ceased.

Best regards,

Michael Westaway
President Glen Eira FC.

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Return to Play update (2 July)

‘Return to Play’ Guidelines

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Dear all,
Please see attached update for your attention.  With the new Government restrictions now in place for affected post codes in the Melbourne area, it is important that you read this update.  For those members (who are affected by the new restrictions), we ask that you strictly comply with them.  The update also includes important information from Football Victoria about upcoming matches.
Clearly, COVID-19 remains a very real risk for all our community.  Accordingly, everyone needs to continue complying with social distancing requirements and regularly maintaining good hygiene practices.
Thank you and take care.

Michael Westaway
President Glen Eira FC.

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Return to Play update (22 June)

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re keeping well.

On behalf of the Committee, please see attached update for your attention.
With the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, I wish to stress the importance of ensuring strict compliance with our training rules. We cannot afford to be complacent about the risks posed by COVID-19. If any players or family members are feeling unwell with cold or flu like symptoms, please do not attend training until your family has been negatively tested for COVID-19. This is to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

Thanks again for your patience and support to date. We appreciate it.

Now that School holidays are upon us, please take care and enjoy your break (if you’re lucky enough to have one)!

Best regards,

Michael Westaway
President Glen Eira FC.

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Return-to-Training Update (24th May)

Our latest return to training update, emailed to all members last night. We are excited and really looking forward to seeing you back at training from next Monday 1 June! There’s a big program of preparation planned this week – please read the update and our Return to Training Rules. ✅ ⚽️

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Club Update #3 – 4th May

From our President

Dear members,

As you may be aware, Peter Filopolous, CEO
of Football Victoria (FV), has provided an
update on the football situation in Victoria in
the past few days. In the update, FV
announced that the Football Federation
Australia (FFA) has “produced Guidelines in
readiness for a return to community football”,
which are being reviewed by senior health
officials. This is fantastic news for everyone
who is itching to get back on the pitch.

While football remains suspended until 31
May 2020, FV has asked clubs to start
planning for the resumption of football. FV is
“in the advanced stages of scenario planning
regarding a return to football and have
worked through several different competition
models at both NPL and Community level.
We’re looking forward to sharing these with
our clubs when we have a clear idea of the
resumption date”.

The Glen Eira FC Committee is now busy
preparing to restart season 2020. We are
considering how to implement social
distancing and hygiene measures that would
make it possible for us to resume play and
ensure the safety of all our members. We’re
developing a plan to get football back up and
running quickly and safely as soon as the State
Government gives us the green light.

In the meantime, we encourage you to make
use of the many online resources available to
keep your skills honed in the lead-up to
football resuming.

Michael Westaway
President Glen Eira FC

Playing uniforms

As we think about gearing back up for season
2020, now is the time to get your new sky
blue and navy playing uniform from
Sportsmart if you haven’t already done so.
The Moorabbin store is open, but with
modified trading hours at this time.



The Glen Eira FC Girls department is running
#HomeFootballSchool to support girls’
physical and mental wellbeing during COVID-
19 restrictions. This innovative program aims
to keep girls engaged and connected, and
empowers them to be creative and build
resilience at this challenging time. We’re
delighted that the program has had significant
reach beyond our club through social media –
one video created by the girls reached over
2,000 on Facebook, 3,400 on Twitter and was
picked up by the ABC nightly news.

#AroundtheWorld challenge

Our U8-12 boys’ Club Coaching Coordinator
launched the challenge for the school holidays
asking all players to complete this skill with
their preferred foot and then, if they can
master this, to try also to use the other foot.
If you haven’t yet sent us your video of you
doing the #AroundtheWorld challenge, please
get it in to your age level coordinator soon so
we can showcase it on social media.

Can we support your business?

We know many members with small, local
businesses are doing it really tough right now
due to Covid-19 restrictions. If you’ve got a
small business that could use a boost, please
email us so we can promote your business
and encourage our members to support you
during this time.

Win v Development focus

Coaching Paper

This paper outlines two distinct approaches to coaching in Australian junior football. After examining these two concepts, it seems clear that the ‘Developmental Focus’ is the approach that Glen Eira FC would strongly advocate from it”s junior coaches

Football is one of the world’s most difficult sports to master. It takes around 10 years of dedicated practice to get to a high level of skill. This sport rewards technical ability and decision making, over mere athletic ability. Junior football in Australia can generally be divided into two different coaching concepts.

1. “Win focused” – ‘all about the team’ (the more traditional approach) and

2. “Development focused” – ‘all about the individual’. (the more modern approach encouragedby the FFA)

Win focus – involves an emphasis on the results of the “team”, over and above the individual. Tactics and physicality are emphasised along with the concepts of “true grit” courage and commitment. Coaches generally look for bigger, stronger and more athletic players and will encourage a direct style of play (minimal passes and long ball to goal) to win. This style of play is often very effective at junior levels and is reinforced due to the fact that coaches (and parents) measure performances based on the score. Losing is taken hard by players and coaches,which increases the pressure to take less risks on the field. Parents will be drawn into this ‘win mentality’ adding further pressure on their children to ‘perform’. This approach limits the development of critical skills and decision making, and so reduces a player’s potential to play at higher levels in later years (note: critical ages for skill development is from 8-13 years old). Ultimately all this leads to an early drop out of the sport in later teens – as the player decides it is no longer “fun”.

‘Development focus’ – is an emphasis on the individual’s development, over the team. The coach’s focus is on developing player skill through a possession-based style of play. Player size and strength and athleticism is less important. Weekend games are not strongly win focused, but are rather seen as learning opportunities to test player skills/decision making. Players are not afraid to make mistakes, and are encouraged to take risks. This leads to improved confidence in players, who are free to explore/try new moves. The possession-based style allows more touches of the ball, allowing increased opportunities to learn. There is an acceptance, however, that this style of play can lead to increased errors (through more passing and risk taking). In this case, an opposition team, with a more direct style of play, will take advantage of errors resulting in more scores against your team. But players, parents and coaches all understand that the longer term benefits mean “playing well” is more important than just trying to “win”. Ultimately, improvements in player skills and decision making will lead to success on the field, in the longer term. Importantly, the reduced pressure and more enjoyable experiences mean players are more likely to stay in the sport longer. Players will also benefit through better long term prospects of reaching higher levels in the sport as they get older.

By Peter Branca
Glen Eira FC Junior Boys CCC

2019 AGM

Club Secretary Brett Williams has announced the Club’s 2019 AGM. Click on the links below for the Notice and the Agenda/Forms documents.

Notice of 2019 AGM

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Agenda, Nomination & Proxy Forms

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2019 Family Gala Day

Glen Eira FC Family Gala Day Flyer

Add your name to the…

5-7yo Mini World Cup

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Match duration will be 10 mins with no half time breaks because the matches are so short already we can’t afford to lose 3-4 mins for half-time.  Home team (the team listed first) plays towards the north (Munro Avenue side).

Trophy Presentations

TimeslotAge Group
9:00am - 9:45amU8 Trophy Presentations
9:30am - 10:30amU9 Trophy Presentations
10:00am - 11:00amU10 Trophy Presentations
11:00pm - 11:30pmSpeeches...
Club President
Club General Manager
Dignitaries on Stage
11:30am - 12:15pmU11 Trophy Presentations
12:00pm - 12:45pmU12 Trophy Presentations

Teams must assemble in front of the stage at the start time for their age group.

Each team gets 5 minutes for...

  1. coach says a few words about the team this season
  2. coach calls players up one-by-one and presents trophy
  3. parents get photos of the team with their trophies

See also 2019 Names for Trophy Engraving

What to Wear

Teams getting trophies should wear their Glen Eira kits because there’s always group photos on stage of each team holding their trophies.

Spot the Difference

Soccer Mums

Why should the kids have all the fun?
Bring your runners and have a go.

Parents v. Kids Matches


Parents from U8 – U12 teams have 30 minutes to show their kids how it’s done.

Do a quick warm-up to avoid injury.
Do a quick warm-up to avoid injury
Click to view Parents v. Kids match schedule
Match Rules
  • An air horn will be blown across the whole park every half hour to indicate the end of all matches.
  • A second air horn 2 minutes later will mark the start of the next matches.
  • No break for halftime (unless you want one, then time it yourself)
  • Teams must provide their own ball
  • Teams wanting a ref must provide their own.
  • Matches must run on time else it impacts the trophy presentations. Therefore check the schedule please and try not to be late.
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Volunteer Roster

We find out how you feel about the club by the response we get when we ask for volunteers.