U13-U16 Boys Teams

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Boys NPL Teams

The Boys High-Performance Squads play in the Boys NPL competition. They are run by professional academy coaches who train them 3 times per week. The squads provide an environment to maximise player development, ensuring refined techniques, creativity and game insights are transferred into matches (via competitive environment). The players are guided through the relevant age-specific elements of playing a dynamic possession based style of football.

Applies to: U13-U16 Junior Boys NPL teams.

Suitable for: Highly skilled boys born 2004-2007 inclusive.

Commitment: The Boys NPL season runs for 33 matches, commencing in early February and potentially involves travel to all parts of Victoria.

How to Join a Boys NPL Team

Step 1) Submit the Expression of Interest form

There is a limited window of time to submit the Boys NPL Expression of Interest form

  • Boys NPL EOI opens Monday 16th September 2019
  • Boys NPL EOI closes midnight Thursday 10th October 2019

Step 2) Attend Trials

Phase 1 Trials:

  • Sat 12-Oct-2019
  • Sun 13-Oct-2019

Phase 2 Trials:

  • Sat 19-Oct-2019
  • Sun 20-Oct-2019

Exact times and the Venue for the Trials will be provided via email after your Expression of Interest has been lodged.

Graded Teams

Formerly known as high-level and mid-level teams, Glen Eira FC’s graded teams offer boys the opportunity to play with, and against, players of a similar skill level. Graded teams offer good skills development whilst maximising player satisfaction.

The Coaches of Glen Eira FC’s graded teams are volunteers who are for the most part, experienced and qualified. No additional coaching fees are payable.

Applies to:

U16 A/B-Grade Community Boys teams

U13-U15 A/B/C-Grade Community Boys teams

Suitable for: Aspiring players who are dedicated and focused on the game and their own development

Commitment: Must be able to commit to 2 training sessions per week and should also find time to practice privately in their own time.

How to Join a Graded Team

Step 1) Submit the Expression of Interest form

Step 2) Attend Gradings

Gradings are held in November 2019
Click here to see Gradings Info including session times.

Ungraded Teams

Friendship-based teams for boys who are in it for the enjoyment of the game and the improved social outcomes/life skills that come from participating in organised team sport. Volunteer coaches, often with experience and some qualifications.. No additional coaching fees.

  • Applies to: U16 C-Grade Community Boys teams
  • Applies to: U13-U15 D/E/F-Grade Community Boys teams
  • Commitment: Must be able to commit to 80% of matches and 1 training session per week
How to Join an Ungraded Team
Membership Fees

See how much is costs to join Glen Eira FC



Glen Eira’s U13-U16 boys graded and ungraded teams compete in the FV South zone. Matches are played on Sundays from April through late August/ early Sept (school terms 2 & 3).  Usual kickoff times are 9am, 10:10am, 11:20am, 12:30pm or 3pm, depending on the age grouping and fixture draw.  Older kids play later.  From late March onwards, you can click here to view the Fixture Draw.

The season consists of 18 rounds — 9 home matches and 9 away matches.

  • Home matches are played at Lord Reserve in Carnegie or Mackie Road Reserve in East Bentleigh.
  • Away matches are mostly played against clubs in Melbourne’s south-east. Travel times are usually 20 to 40 minutes, but you might get a  one or two per season that are an hour or more away.


The training schedule is set by the coach. Training is usually once or twice per week, usually from 7:15pm on Monday to Friday nights.  In-Season*  training runs from late March through till early Sept.


*Pre-season training runs up until late March and sometimes occurs on different nights to In-Season training due to the limited ground availability.

From late January, click here to see more details on Training Times.

Rules & Results

From U13 upwards the rules for boys are basically the standard laws of the game which apply the world over. The only difference would be the duration of the halves — instead of 45 mins they might only be 25 or 35 mins.  Otherwise it is 11-a-side, full-sized pitch, offside rule applies and paid refs. It’s a big step up from U8-U11.