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2017 AGM

Club secretary David Hobbs has announced the club’s 2017 AGM.    Click on the links below for the Notice and the Agenda/Forms documents.

Notice of 2017 AGM

Click for Notice of 2017 AGM

Agenda, Nomination  & Proxy Forms

Click to open Agenda, Nomination & Proxy Forms

2017 FFV Wheelchair Football Final

Glen Eira (Phoenix) played against Glen Eira (Falcons) in the 2017 FFV Wheelchair SE Final.

Congratulations to Glen Eira (Phoenix) on winning their first ever final.

Photos courtesy Clem de Silva Photography

Glen Eira Success in FFV Finals

Huge Congratulations to the following teams for their outstanding performances in the 2017 FFV Finals series.  Enjoy the praise – you deserve it and know that everyone at the club is very proud of you.


2017 Metropolitan Champions x 5!

Five Glen Eira teams came top of their ladder in FFV South Zone, then went to defeat the best teams from the other zones in the Grand Finals to be crowned the best in Melbourne for their league.


Boys U17B Glen Eira (Odyssey)


Boys U16A Glen Eira (Infinity). On a 24 match winning streak.


Boys U14B Glen Eira (Eagles)


Boys U12 Kangas. Glen Eira (Jaguars)


FFV Wheelchair Football. Glen Eira (Phoenix) [Photo courtesy of Clem de Silva Photography]
See More Photos from the Wheelchair Final


Runners Up x 3.

Congratulations also and well done to the following teams who made it all the way to the Grand Final.

  • Boys U15A Glen Eira (Extreme)
  • Boys U13A Glen Eira (Stingrays)
  • Wheelchair Football Glen Eira (Falcons)






Today Show – Weather Cross Participations

Glen Eira FC players aged 6-9yo are invited to participate in the Today Show live weather crosses this Wednesday morning at Yarra Park.

FFA have organised live crosses with Channel 9’s Today show on the morning of Wed 6th September, in order to celebrate Australia’s likely World Cup qualification. All the morning’s weather crosses will air from Yarra Park (next to the MCG). One of the crosses will feature Glen Eira players reenacting a moment of joy from the previous night’s match. Ange Postecoglou and Archie Thompson make be making appearances.  

The producers are looking for 6-8 Glen Eira boys and girls aged around 6-9yo.

  • Date: Wed 6th September 2017
  • Time: 6am-8:30am
  • Location: Yarra Park (near MCG). Exact meetup location TBA.
Parents who can help out get a $100 fuel voucher.

Kids who can help out get a Socceroos merch pack (flat brim hat and football).

To get an idea what it will be like, click here to see a previous occasion when Glen Eira did the Today show weather crosses





Extras for Socceroos at Lord Reserve

We already have…
our 25 kids to be trained and have a Q&A session for the ad being filmed at Lord Reserve with the 4 Socceroos players on Sat 2nd Sept. Applications have closed.

However we need…
…some extras.  All Glen Eira players are welcome to attend, as long as:

  1. you wear your playing uniform so you can play in some mini-matches in the background of the filming. Must bring both maroon and white tops  if you have them please. We won’t have enough bibs to create separate teams for everyone.
  2. bring a signed media release form. Click here > Release Form


Click here to:           Register as Extra 


Alex Gersbach, Mark Milligan, Tomi Juric and Jamie Maclaren will run a training session for about 25 Glen Eira boy and girl players aged 9-12yo.  Aaron Mooy has been told to rest up. This will be followed by Q&A session with our kids asking the Socceroos about their career path – how they came to be international players and how might they follow in their footsteps.

  • Time commitment: 1pm-4pm Sat 2nd September 2017.
  • What to wear: Glen Eira playing uniform, including boots and shinguards.
    Must bring both maroon and white tops  if you have them.
  • Snacks and Refreshments will be available from the canteen.




A life was saved at Lord today.


A Pythons dad collapsed during his Parents v. Kids match.  Within seconds the message was relayed to Jo (a GP) in the clubhouse who grabbed the defibrillator and ran towards Rob on the other side of the ground. Tara (a nurse) was also told there was an injury on the ground and saw Jo running so she also got there within seconds.  Jo and Tara and others worked tirelessly with CPR and the difib (shock was advised) to keep Rob alive until the ambulance arrived on the ground, which was only about 7 minutes later.

Rob got the oxygen he needed (he was grey) and once stable, was taken to hospital where he had an angiogram, they found a 90% blockage and put in a stent. Doctor said the survival rate in these circumstances is typically 3 out of 10, but thanks to the quick response at the club Rob has no damage to his heart and he’s now sitting up and speaking.

We all saw it. It was traumatic. A debriefing session has been organised for 7pm Tuesday in the Lord clubhouse for anyone feeling affected or who would like to talk it through. The session will be convened by Gino Carrafa, a trauma psychologist (state duty psych to Ambulance Victoria), who is also a dad in our club and was there today.  Let me know if you’d like to come along.