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Respect the Game

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Coaching Opportunities – Girls’ Football Program



If you have an open and growth mindset, a believer in our philosophy to put the player at the centre of everything we do and provide a fun environment focusing on development (technical plus life skills for our players). We want to speak to you.

We provide a friendly supportive environment to develop your passion.

We will fund your coaching education through FV community and or advance coaching courses and conferences.

Free player registrations are offered to any female players who also coach a Glen Eira team.

Next Step

Call John our TD of Girls Football on 0418 156 620 or email




More Info

Girls Football Program

Coach Role Description








Technical Director of Girls’ Football


Pictured L-R: John Sugunananthan – Technical Director of Girls Football, Georgia Denisenko – Program Manager for Girls Football, Clancy Westaway – Aspirational Footballer, Michael Westaway – President, Stewart Howell – General Manager.

At Glen Eira FC, we are passionate about girls having the same football opportunities as boys. Glen Eira FC wants to be a leader for change in this area.

To that end, Glen Eira FC is excited to announce the appointment of John Sugunananthan as Technical Director of Girls’ Football (TDGF).  John is a highly credentialed coach of many years’ experience (see short bio below*), with a vision to create the best football environment for girls in Victoria.


Girls’ Development Squad

In addition to providing mentoring to the coaches of Glen Eira FC girls’ teams, John will be head coach of a new U12 Glen Eira Girls’ Development Squad (GDS). The GDS will be an advanced-level girls’ team, which will play in Sunday boys’ competition in 2019, whilst also participating in numerous girls’ tournaments. The GDS is being created to complement the existing boys’ Development Squads at Glen Eira FC.

The GDS will seek to fast-track the development of the players selected, and to facilitate pathways for these girls. Players selected for the GDS will train at least twice a week, at the same cost to parents as all other junior teams, to offer equity and to maximise opportunities for aspirational young female players.

Girls’ Technical Director

In his role as TDGF, John will be mentoring the Glen Eira FC girls’ coaches, with a focus on player technical development, and consistency in coaching across the girls’ teams. In line with the values and vision of the Club, John’s approach is to ensure that a player-centric environment is created by coaches, to allow girls to have fun with their football, whilst developing both their football and life skills. Important values that will be developed across the girls’ teams include empowering coaches and players to have courage and trust in one another on and off the field.

John’s role as TDGF will facilitate and support collaboration across all the girls’ teams to maximise player and coach development, and engender a strong sense of community within the girls’ program at Glen Eira FC.

Join Us

Click below for more information and signup forms:


For more information contact John on 0418 156 620 or at



John’s Football Experience and Qualifications

  • State (FFV)
    • Head coach Girls’ Skill Acquisition Program (SAP) u10-12
    • Development coach Skillaroos / National Training Centre (NTC) u13s
    • Futsal u12s head coach
  • National Premier League Women (NPLW)
    • Premiership coach
    • Bayside United  and South Melbourne
  • Head of coaching miniroos girls – Brighton Soccer Club
  • FFA/AFC Licensed coach (C youth and senior, and futsal)


  • Bachelor of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Master of Business Administration, currently working as a Project Manager for Telstra.
  • 4 children aged 11-19, married to Adriana – wife and 4 kids all play football!

2018 AGM

2018 AGM

Club Secretary Brett Williams has announced the Club’s 2018 AGM.    Click on the links below for the Notice and the Agenda/Forms documents.

Notice of 2018 AGM

Click for Notice of 2018 AGM

Agenda, Nomination  & Proxy Forms

Click to open Agenda, Nomination & Proxy Forms

2018 Metropolitan Champions x 2!

2018 Metropolitan Champions 

Huge Congratulations to the following teams for their outstanding performances in the 2018.

They came top of their ladder in FFV South Zone, then went to defeat the best teams from the other zones in the Grand Finals to be crowned the best in Melbourne for their league.

Enjoy the praise – you deserve it and know that everyone at the club is very proud of you.



U13A Glen Eira (Jaguars)

Metropolitan Champions 2 years in a row now.



U13B Glen Eira (Leopards)

2018 Metropolitan Champions – U13B Glen Eira (Leopards)








2018 Family Gala Day

Click here for the  





Free Resuscitation Courses

Monash University Paramedic students will have an ambulance on the ground and are offering free resuscitation and CPR sessions as well as general health and first aid for anyone interested in saving or helping someone.

This will happen between 9am-1pm. Come and visit throughout the day!




Mini World Cup

Normal U7 rules apply. The only difference is match duration, which will be 12 mins with no half time breaks because the matches are so short already we can’t afford to lose 3-4 mins for half-time.  Home team (the team listed first) plays towards the north (Munro Avenue side).




Trophy Presentations

TimeslotAge Group
9:00am - 9:45amU7 Trophy Presentations
9:30am - 10:30amU8 Trophy Presentations
10:00am - 11:00amU9 Trophy Presentations
11:00pm - 11:30pmOn stage...
President's Speech
General Manager's Speech
11:30am - 12:15pmU10 Trophy Presentations
12:00pm - 12:45pmU11 Trophy Presentations

Teams must assemble in front of the stage at the start time for their age group.

Each team gets 5 minutes for...

  1. coach says a few words about the team this season
  2. coach calls players up one-by-one and presents trophy
  3. parents get photos of the team with their trophiesrr

See also 2018 Names for Trophy Engraving



What to Wear

Teams getting trophies should wear their Glen Eira kits because there’s always group photos on stage of each team holding their trophies.  Spot the difference:











Bendigo Bank

Our generous sponsors at the Ormond-McKinnon Branch will have a marquee with  information packs and enticements for kids to open a Piggy Saver Account.




Soccer Mums

Please Pre-Register your interest:  Soccer Mums – Free Come And Try


Team Photos

Team Photos will be ready to collect from your Team Manager (who in turn can collect them from the Club Hub)



Parents v. Kids Matches


Parents from U8 – U13 teams have 30 minutes to show their kids how it’s done.





Do a quick warm-up to avoid injury.
Do a quick warm-up to avoid injury

Click to view Parents v. Kids match schedule

Parents v Kids Match Schedule

Match Rules
  • An air horn will be blown across the whole park every half hour to indicate the end of all matches.
  • A second air horn 2 minutes later will mark the start of the next matches.
  • No break for halftime (unless you want one, then time it yourself)
  • Teams must provide their own ball
  • Teams wanting a ref must provide their own.
  • Matches must run on time else it impacts the trophy presentations. Therefore check the schedule please and try not to be late.



Click for larger version



Volunteer Roster


We find out how you feel about the club by the response we get when we ask for volunteers.

Click here to see












R12 Photos – Glen Eira FC (2018)

  • Player of the Week shots.


Round 12 Photos. Glen Eira FC (2018)

Click to view ALBUM



Photos from Earlier Rounds


  Round 11 Photos. Glen Eira FC (2018)


 Round 10 Photos. Glen Eira FC (2018)


Round 9 Photos. Glen Eira FC (2018)


Round 8 Photos.


   Round 7 Photos


Round 6 Photos


    Round 5 Photos


Photos of the Week. R4 (Sat 12 May 2018) Glen Eira FC 

Glen Eira FC MiniRoos. Mini-Tournament (Sat 05 May 2018)

R11 Photos – Glen Eira FC (2018)

  • Some great action shots of Glen Eira teams who played at Lord Reserve on 30 June 2018.
  • Also includes Player of the Week shots.
  • Plus the visit to Lord Reserve by 2 Federal Ministers, the Mayor, the CEO and Senior Executives from the Football Federation, the President and the Grants Officer.


Round 11 Photos. Glen Eira FC (2018)



Photos from Earlier Rounds


 Round 10 Photos. Glen Eira FC (2018)


Round 9 Photos. Glen Eira FC (2018)


Round 8 Photos.


   Round 7 Photos


Round 6 Photos


    Round 5 Photos


Photos of the Week. R4 (Sat 12 May 2018) Glen Eira FC 

Glen Eira FC MiniRoos. Mini-Tournament (Sat 05 May 2018)