2015 Club Roles

2015 Committee

The committee is responsible to keep the club viable and successful. Holders of paid roles and representatives of partner organisations can’t be on the committee.

President — Stewart Howell
  • Chairs the meetings of the Committee
  • Acts as spokesperson for the Club
  • Ensure the club’s culture (value & mission statements) is well understood by volunteers and effectively communicated to players and parents.
  • Promote positive behaviour by developing and advertising codes of conduct for club volunteers, coaches, managers, players, parents and supporters.
  • Ensures that meetings are regularly held including the AGM


Vice-President — John Riccioni
  • Chairs the meetings of the Committee in the absence of the President
  • Deputises for President when required
  • Supports the President in the performance of his/her duties


Treasurer — Joel Broughton
  • Issue receipts for all money received.
  • Promptly bank all money received.
  • Do not pay out any money without the authority of the committee.
  • Do not issue petty cash without receiving a voucher.
  • Clearly distinguish between capital, revenue and expenditure.
  • Record receipts and payments clearly and accurately.
  • Make sure the balance shown on the bank statements can be reconciled to the balance in the cashbook.
  • Report the past, present and future financial progress and position of the organisation to all committee meetings and the AGM.
  • Make all approved payments promptly
  • Act as the signatory to the organisation’s bank accounts, cheque accounts, investments and loan facilities (with at least one other management committee member);.
  • Prepare an annual financial report.


Secretary — David Hobbs
  • Organise the AGM, including sending notice to Founding Members, Life Members, Wheelchair players, All club volunteers.
  • Call for and receive nominations for committees and other positions for the club/group AGM
  • Prepare minutes of the AGM
  • Lodge an annual statement with Consumer Affairs Victoria within a month after the AGM.


Assistant Secretary — Madeleine Newell
  • Assists the secretary as required.
  • Covers secretarial duties in the event the secretary is unavailable.


Match and Facilities Manager — Goran Predic
  • Monitor the state of the club’s matches and facilities and report on issues affecting the long-term viability of the club.


Committee Member — Greg McNally
  • Attend committee meetings
  • Provide feedback and opinion on matters affecting the club
  • Vote on on matters affecting the club


Committee Member — Sue Gordon
  • Attend committee meetings
  • Provide feedback and opinion on matters affecting the club
  • Vote on on matters affecting the club


Committee Member — Jim Christodoulou
  • Attend committee meetings
  • Provide feedback and opinion on matters affecting the club
  • Vote on on matters affecting the club


Committee Member — Alex Yianni
  • Attend committee meetings
  • Provide feedback and opinion on matters affecting the club
  • Vote on on matters affecting the club




Click here for Team Roles.

Club roles, in no particular order.



FFV Coordinator — Stewart Howell
  • Organise teams into leagues and submit fixture changes.
  • Estimated commitment: Mar-Aug: 2hrs/week
  • Act as the club’s single point of contact to FFV’s Competitions Dept.
  • [Feb] Attend FFV introductory course (for MyFootballClub)
  • [Feb] Assist the registrar to setup the online registration fee packages in MFC
  • [Mar] Enter teams into leagues
  • [Apr] Assign team names in FFV system
  • Submit fixture change requests.



FFV Registrar — Stewart Howell
  • Summary: Under the direction of the FFV Coordinator, approve players registrations and allocate players into teams.
  • Provide members who register with an email welcome pack including a copy of
    • the club’s value and mission statements
    • the club’s codes of behaviour
    • the club policies
    • volunteer expectations (canteen roster, etc)
  • Estimated commitment: Feb-Apr 5hrs/week; May-Jul 1 hr/week
  • Act as the club’s single point of contact to FFV’s MyFootballClub Dept.
  • [Feb] Attend FFV introductory course (for MyFootballClub)
  • [Feb-Jul] Approve player registrations as they come in (in MFC).
  • [Mar-Apr] Allocate players into teams (in MFC) based on information from coaches, managers and parents.
  • [Mar-Apr] Ensure all players U11 upwards have their photo loaded into MFC
  • [Apr] Ensure all teams U12 upwards have a match book and know how to fill it in.
  • Provide any match records requested by FFV.



VCFA Representative — Michael Smitheram
  • Under the direction of the GEJSC Committee, coordinate GEJSC participation in the VCFA
  • Provide a single point of communication between the VCFA and GEJSC



VCFA Registrar — Stewart Howell
  • Setup the online registration fee packages
  • Enter teams into leagues
  • Approve player registrations as they come in.
  • Ensure all senior players have their photo loaded into the VCFA system
  • Allocate players into teams
  • Create and publish VCFA Match Cards



Coaching Coordinator — Vacant
  • Summary:
    • Ensure coaches feel they have the resources and support from the club that they need.
    • Enhance the quality of the club’s coaches.
  • [Nov/Dec/Jan] Organise and facilitate FFV coaching clinics for pre-season (grassroots and next level up) at our home grounds.
  • [Feb/Mar] Encourage higher level coaches to attend FFV clinics at neighbouring grounds.
  • [Mar/Apr] Organise sessions from Jasper (FTS).
  • Organise and assist coaches to get their certifications.
  • Organise and assist coaching seminars such as those from AFCAT..
  • [In season] Oversee coaches during their training sessions and provide feedback.
  • Continually seek out potential coaches and recruit whenever possible.
  • [In season] Organise specialist goalkeeper training sessions?



Junior Girls Football Coordinator — Pauline O’Kane
  • Aim is to get girls wanting to play in football for Glen Eira into a suitable team which maximises their enjoyment of the game.
  • Best way to meet the aim is to field as many girls teams as possible and the best way to do this, is ensure that existing teams reform at the start of each new season, and new teams are for formed as new girls sign up.
  • Once the teams are known, then the aim still might mean moving certain players between teams to find the right fit. This means working with players, parents, coaches, managers, the FFV coordinator and the FFV registrar.
  • Ensure that female changerooms/facilities are adequate and satisfy any privacy concerns.
  • Identify and recommend to the committee any funding or grants the club may be eligible for in relation to girls football.



Club Manager — Michael Smitheram
  • Perform club management tasks under the direction of the committee.
  • Collect and distribute mail (sent to the PO box)



Council Representative — Stewart Howell
  • Organise and coordinate requests to and from Council
  • Maintain a register of who has keys.
  • Provide the club’s players, parents, volunteers and supporters with the best available and most appropriate facilities.
  • Lobby the Council to support future facility development projects.
  • Lobby Council for summer storage at Lords.
  • Identify and pursue grants and funding opportunities which require Council support and/or submission.
  • Submit application forms for special events such as Gala Day.
  • Invite key Council representatives to attend club events such as Gala Day.
  • Ensure all club activities comply with Council’s Terms and Conditions of Use document.



Strategic Development Advisor — Greg McNally
  • Assist with a long-term development plan for the club.
  • Assist with implementation of the club development plan.

Club Photographer
  • Take action shots of Glen Eira players at club matches.  Select the good ones, crop them and upload them to the club website.
  • Aim to capture action shots of the majority of Glen Eira players who are playing on the day. Typically 100 on a Saturday morning.
  • Photos should include the faces of the Glen Eira players.
  • Photos should be uploaded same or next day after they are taken.
  • Uploads should list the names of the Glen Eira teams in the pictures.



Compliance Coordinator — Vacant
  • Ensure all coaches and team managers hold a valid WWC Check or equivalent.
  • Ensure all FFV coaches are registered in MyFootballClub.
  • In conjunction with the Coaching Coordinator, encourage all MiniRoos coaches to get a Grassroots Coaching certificate.
  • In conjunction with the Coaching Coordinator, encourage all Junior coaches hold an age appropriate current coaching certification.



Website / Technology — Stewart Howell  and Alex Yianni
  • Maintain the website ensuring content is up-to-date and relevant
  • Register and renew domain names as required.
  • Research and implement easy way for parents to upload photos.
  • Research and implement an app for mobiles to facilitate team communications.



Newsletter — Stewart Howell
  • Create and send a weekly newsletter to keep everyone up-to-date with what’s happening in and around the club.



Sponsorship Coordinator for Bendigo Bank — Kristen Howell
  • Manage the club’s relationship with the sponsor
  • Coordinate promotions and advertising efforts.
  • Maximise the benefits of the relationship for both the club and the sponsor.



Schools Coordinator — Sue Gordon
  • Summary: Act as a single point of contact between the club and local schools for newsletter ads, real estate boards and possibly the Gov’t after school program.
  • Estimated time commitment: Oct-Feb: 2-3hrs/week
  • Real Estate Boards
    • [Oct/Nov] Seek consent from approx 6 schools (perhaps Coatesville PS, Hughesdale PS, McKinnon PS, Murrumbeena PS, Carnegie PS, Oakleigh PS) for the club to have a real estate board on their prominent street frontage during Feb.
  • Newsletters
    • Ads are to appear in 1st and 3rd editions of the schools’ newsletter for the year.
    • [Dec-Jan] Call the primary and secondary schools in the club’s catchment area (18-20 schools) as per spreadsheet
    • [late Jan] Provide artwork to schools in the size and format they require (get the artwork from the club’s graphic designer)
    • [late Jan] Arrange printing and delivery of artwork to schools that require hard copies
    • Organise the payments to schools
    • Club Manager can provide guidance on this newsletters.
  • Facilitate the club’s involvement with schools (if any) involving the Australian Government’s Active After-school Communities (AASC) program.



Promotional Real Estate Boards — Hans van de Graaff
  • In July of each year obtain written consent from City of Glen Eira to erect Real Estate Boards to advertise club registration at Duncan Mackinnon Reserve and East Caulfield Reserve;
  • In conjunction with a the Schools Coordinator, seek consent from a few families who live on or near key locations to have a Real Estate Board erected on their fence line during February;
  • Contact local Real Estate agent to obtain support to provide for Real Estate Boards to be erected in key locations as indicated above;
  • Ensure Boards are removed by Real Estate Agent on time;
  • In November of each calendar year liaise with Graphic Designer to get design done for school flyers and Real Estate Board.



Graphic Designer — Roy Vidal
  • Under the direction of the Committee, provide artwork for:
    • [Nov] Real Estate boards
    • [Jan] Schools newsletter ads
    • [Jun] Gala Day flyer
    • Flyers for various club events or activities as required.



Trophies Coordinator — Vacant
  • Aim is to have all the trophies ready for pickup by 2 weeks before the presenation day. For early pickup by teams having their own end-of-season celebration. To reduce the last-minute load on the trophy supplier.
  • [Jun] Get the name spellings confirmed on the player trophies and medals.
  • [early Jul] Order the player trophies for U7 – U16
  • [early Jul] Order the medals for goalkick
  • [early Jul] Organise and Order the coach’s award trophies.
  • [Sep] Organise and distribute replacement trophies (misspellings, missing, broken, etc.)



Working Bee Coordinator — Vacant
  • Organise working bees
    • Repairs on portable goals



Gala Day Coordinator — Vacant
  • Organise the schedule of speeches, trophy presentations & team photos.
  • Organise the Jumping Castle(s), rides, etc.
  • Organise fun skills competition (with Academy)
  • Organise AV (stage, PA, big screen?)
  • Organise promotion of the event
  • Organise the volunteers to do rubbish tips runs the day after.



Equipment Manager — Stewart Howell
  • Review stock levels, predict requirements and place orders to ensure all teams have sufficient training equipment (training goals, cones, training balls, pumps, ball bags)
  • In conjunction with the grounds coordinator, ensure there is sufficient match equipment (goals, nets, flags, match balls)
  • Maintain a register of the club’s equipment.
  • Satisfy coaches’ ongoing requests for training equipment.
  • Identify and acquire suitable alternatives to training poles with spikes which are now banned.
  • Identify and acquire suitable alternatives to those spikes we use to hold out the back of the nets which are now banned.
  • Arrange for defective equipment to be repaired.
  • Arrange for lost or worn-out equipment to be replaced.
  • Arrange for equipment returns at end of season.



Referee Coordinator — Marcella van Mourik
  • For U12-U18 teams, organise referee payments
  • For U7-U11 teams using parent volunteers as the Instructing Referees, distribute printouts of the relevant rules and let them know what the expectations are.
  • For U7-U11 teams wishing to hire our accredited Instructing Referees, coordinate these hires.
  • Recruit new Instructing Referees and assist them with their training and accreditation.



Linemarking — Michael Smitheram
  • Ensure pitches for all home matches (Mackie and Lords) from U12 through to Seniors have well defined lines laid down in accordance with council guidelines.
  • Often involves a few hours work on a Friday afternoon.
  • Maintain line marking equipment in good working order (organise any repairs and maintenance)
  • Purchase line marking paint as required.
  • Clean the line marking paint out of the machine after each use.



Club Integration Coordinator — Vacant
  • Promote awareness of amongst the Juniors ranks, of who our Senior and Wheelchair teams are, and how they are going.
  • Vice versa
  • Seek out and coordinate opportunities for the 3 arms of the club to benefit each other.
  • Fit the Seniors and Wheelchairs teams into Gala Day so the club comes together at least once per year.



Canteen Management and Operations — Michael Smitheram
  • Opening the canteens on match days and during carnivals.
  • Obtain the relevant Council Food permits which are required.
  • Keep abreast of current food handling requirements, attending appropriate training or Personal Development courses as required or recommended by Law.
  • Become familiar with the government’s free online “Do Food Safely” course at http://dofoodsafely.health.vic.gov.au/
  • Ensure all staff and volunteers are briefed on appropriate canteen procedures and guidelines.
  • Facilitate a happy, supportive and productive canteen environment, where canteen staff and or volunteers feel valued and welcome.
  • Be responsible for the economical ordering and checking of stock levels.
  • Ensure all stock is stored and rotated properly.
  • Ensure a safe work environment and work practices are followed at all times.



Uniforms Coordinator — John Riccioni
  • Work with Football Galaxy to ensure good availability of on-field and off-field apparel.
  • [Feb-Apr] Review stock levels, predict requirements and place orders to ensure teams have enough jerseys in a range of appropriate sizes. All jerseys to have club logo and numbers added.
  • [early Feb] Order ~30 x Yellow Goalkick jerseys, shorts and socks.
  • [Nov] Donate older jerseys to Reagan Milstein Foundation.
  • [Dec-Feb] Review stock levels, predict requirements and place orders to ensure the canteen has sufficient supplies of shorts, socks & club jackets for sale to players from mid-March onwards.
  • [Apr-May] Ensure each SSF team has enough training bibs that can be used when playing opposition with similar colours.
  • [in season] Keep track of the yellow U12-U15 away strip. There are 4 x Small, 12 x Medium and 5 x Large. Teams need to pick them up, use them, wash them and return them in time for any other team needing them the following week.
  • [Sep, Oct] Arrange for all jerseys, bibs and the away strip to be returned and stored securely.
  • Recommend a suitable replacement for yourself when leaving the role.



Cleaning — Michael Smitheram
  • Ensure a basic level of tidiness and cleanliness in the pavilions.
  • Ensure hand wash and toilet paper don’t run out on match days.



First Aid Kits Coordinator — Madeleine Newell
  • [Mar-Apr] Review stock levels, predict requirements and place orders to ensure each team (approx 26) has fully stocked first aid kit that meets minimum requirements;
  • [Apr-Aug] Monitor stock levels and place orders to ensure consumable items (single-use cold packs and compression bandages) are available from canteens.
  • Ensure we have ice packs available in canteen freezers (Lords and Mackie) for first aid use.



Match Coordinator — Stewart Howell
  • Review the fixture draw and adjust kickoff times and pitches in order to minimise pitch setups/packups. Submit changes to FFV at least 10 working days prior in order to avoid having to seek opposition clubs’ consent.
  • Publish a pitch plan for each week’s matches on the website and the clubhouse door.
  • Allocate fixed areas and times to teams for training.
  • Allocate pitches for friendly matches as requested by teams.