OBSOLETE Claim Form 2019

Use for Reimbursement of Expenses, Fee Refunds, etc.

  1. Where possible, please complete form electronically before printing and signing.
  2. Photos or photocopy of original tax invoices or receipts must be provided
  3. For amounts over $20, tax invoice must be provided (most large retailers’ dockets are tax invoices).
  4. Personal and Glen Eira FC expenditure should not be combined on one tax invoice/docket.
  5. Claims must be made within 6 months of being incurred.
  6. Claims must be approved by the President, GEFC before being submitted to the Treasurer, GEFC for payment.
    Note: Claims by the President, GEFC must be approved by the Secretary, GEFC prior to submission to the Treasurer, GEFC for payment.
  7. Payment will be by electronic funds transfer and made out to the claimant as detailed.
  8. Please allow 10 days from submission of approved claim to Treasurer for receipt of cheque / funds transfer.


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