2018 Fee Schedule
2018 Fee
Full Season Full Season with *
Sibling Discount
Half Season ^
Senior Men
$399 - $299
Senior Women
$359 - $259
Wheelies $39 - -
U12 - U18
Players born 2000-2006 incl.
$349 $279 $219
U8 - U11
Players born 2007-2010 incl.
$309 $247 $185
Players born 2011-2012 incl.
$249 $199 $149
5-6yo Kick-Off $199 $159 ~ $109

^ Half season rates are only available for the second half of the season.  They aren’t available until late June. Half season rates don’t equate to 50% of the full season fee because club still has to pay the full amount to the federation for their component.

~ The 5-6yo registration system doesn’t allow for sibling discounts therefore you have to first pay the full amount, then submit a claim form and we will EFT the difference back to you.


20% Sibling Discount

To assist families with more than 1 child playing for the club, a 20% discount is available for second and subsequent children from the same family (up to 18yo). To claim the sibling discount:

  1. Pay the full amount for the FIRST child using one of these Registration Packages
    “Glen Eira Junior bn. 2000-2006 incl.”
    “Glen Eira Junior bn. 2007-2010 incl.”
    “Glen Eira Junior bn. 2011-2012 incl.”
  2. When paying for the SECOND and subsequent children, select one of these Registration Packages.
    “Glen Eira Junior bn. 2000-2006 incl. SIBLING disc.”
    “Glen Eira Junior bn. 2007-2010 incl. SIBLING disc.
    “Glen Eira Junior bn. 2011-2012 incl. SIBLING disc.



Still can’t afford it?

The club doesn’t offer payment plans.

In extenuating circumstances however, the club will offer reduced fees to families experiencing financial hardship whose children who could not otherwise afford to participate.  Contact the club for details.

PRIVACY: Information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence and will be made available only to the President, the Treasurer, the Secretary and the General Manager of the club in determining the amount of fee relief to offer.



Refund Policy

If you play less than half a season, you might be eligible for a refund.  See the club’s policies page to see how much you can get back.



No Pay, No Play

All players must be registered and paid up before they are eligible to play for a Glen Eira team.   See the club’s policies page for details.



Paying later.  Installment plans.
The club doesn’t offer late payments or installment plans.  This is because in previous years when we did offer it, we lost a lot of time and effort (and money) chasing the people for outstanding debts.  See “Still can’t afford it?” instead.




Your fee doesn’t include a uniform. Players are required to buy their own jerseys, shorts and socks in the club colours.

Click here for uniforms information.



What does my registration fee cover?

The club uses your fees to pay for:

  • FFA NRF (Player Registration Fee)
  • FFV Risk Protection Program (insurance coverage for players)
  • League entry fee for teams
  • Ref payments
  • Club staff / contractors
  • Match equipment (match balls, portable goals, nets, corner posts, whistles, linesman flags, goalie jerseys and gloves, first aid kits, team bags, ground marshal vests)
  • Training equipment (balls, cones, poles, bibs, training goals, pumps)
  • Line-marking
  • Coach Education
  • Trophies and awards
  • Gala Day attractions
  • Ground leasing fees from Council
  • Ground lighting
  • Gas & Electricity
  • Administration & Finance
  • Facilities maintenance & cleaning
  • Technology (website, club app, etc)