FV Referees

If there is no FV Ref

Then the match must still be played.

a) Try to find another FV Ref who is willing and available

b) A club appointment must be made to referee the match.

  • 10 mins prior to the scheduled kick-off time, a club appointment has to be made to referee the match.  Both teams have to consent to the appointment.
  • By the scheduled kick-off time if there is still no club appointment agreed by both teams, then the home team must make a club appointment by themselves (opposition consent not required).
  • By 15 minutes after the scheduled kick-off, if there is still no club appointment then the match is a forfeit to the away team.
  • An FV Referee or more suitable Club Appointment is allowed to take over  a match from a Club Appointment at any stage during the match.

The exact wording of relevant rule can be found at www.gleneirafc.com.au > Coach’s Corner > Rules > Juniors > Rules of Competition > Section 5.3. Non-Attendance or Unavailability of Match Official

5.3.3 If no registered Match Official is present to act as the Replacement ten (10)
minutes prior to scheduled start of the Competition Fixture, both Clubs shall
agree on a person to act as the Match Official for the Competition Fixture, or
until the appointed Match Official arrives. If, by the scheduled kick off time, no
agreement can be reached, the Home Club must appoint a person to act as
the Match Official for the Competition Fixture.

5.3.4. If a Competition Fixture does not kick off within 15 minutes of the scheduled
kick off time due to the absence of a Match Official, the Home Club will be
deemed to have forfeited the Competition Fixture.

5.3.5. All Clubs must fulfill all Competition Fixtures, regardless of whether or not the FV
appointed Match Official is present to take charge. Failure to do so may result
in a penalty under the GDT.

Match Record Book

Each team’s Match Record Book must be completed and signed off by both teams. TM of home team should retain the white copies (normally ref takes white) in case FV asks for them.

Ref Pays

If there is no FV Ref then whomever steps up as the club appointed referee is entitled to keep the ref pay. If they don’t want to take it then the TM should return it to the Club.

FV Ref  Fees
Senior Women (State 2 - State 5) Referee$80Seniors Rules (FFV)
Senior Men (Metro) Referee
U18 Referee
$75Seniors Rules (FFV)
U16-U17 Referee$50U13-U20 Rules (FV)
U14-U15 Referee$45U13-U20 Rules (FV)
U12-U13 Referee$40U12 Rules (FV)
U13-U20 Rules (FV)
*From 2016 FFV Ref Fees Schedule

Ref_spectFirst Year FV Refs

FV first year referees wear green shirts during their first year of refereeing. The green shirt program identifies referees who are new to the game. These referees are new to refereeing & need the support and understanding of the football family. Through the green shirt program FV encourages everyone to support these referees in a positive way. Just like you & I, all referees will make mistakes from time to time. When they do, we ask that everyone to remember that the main reason referees leave the game is due to abuse from coaches and spectators. In order to stop referees leaving the game the following message is timely: