Gambling Harm Prevention

Glen Eira FC is proud to say no to sports betting

This is a ‘whole of club’ approach to preventing and minimising gambling-related harm in our community.

We understand the importance of interrupting the normalisation of gambling in sport and reducing risk around harm from gambling, particularly for young people.

We are committed to ensuring a safe and inclusive club environment, and this action plan will help ensure our club upholds its reputation and understands our role in minimising risk.

  • We will not hold events or fundraisers at horse or greyhound races.
  • We will not hold junior functions or events at venues that have sports betting
  • We will not hold junior functions or events at venues that have pokies
  • Horse and/or greyhound races will not be shown on club TV/s when people under 18 years are present.
  • We will not hold events or fundraisers that promote gambling, such as a poker games or casino-themed activities.
  • If we do hold an event or function for juniors at venues with pokies or sports betting we will ensure it is away from gambling areas and not require participants to pass entry points to those areas.
  • At events or functions held at a venue that has pokies or sports betting we will always include messages about managing gambling risk.
  • We will provide information for our players to increase awareness and understanding of gambling risk.
  • Our club committee will complete online education about gambling harm awareness.
  • Information about gambling support pathways will also be openly displayed within the club premises.
  • If we hold fundraisers that are gambling (poker nights, casino-themed, reverse raffles) we will only promote the event to adults.
  • We will ensure that hosts, emcees or guest speakers are briefed about our club values and gambling policy so it does not normalise gambling when young people are in the room (e.g. asking for a ‘tip’ or talking about the betting odds).
  • We will not sanction punters’ clubs or fantasy league teams.