Girls Gradings

The club runs formal gradings sessions for its girls’ development squads and graded girls’ teams. These teams are for motivated players who are dedicated and focused on the game and their own development.

Graded teams train twice a week with volunteer coaches.

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Before attending the gradings, parents have to submit an Expression of Interest form online. Click here to  Expression of Interest to join Glen Eira FC.

Applications must be submitted online and can’t be accepted manually on the day of the trials.


CAUTION: This isn’t Glen Eira’s usual home ground.

Click for a map of Marlborough St Reserve

Access the carpark via Dromana Ave.

Session Times

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of your session to allow to for registration desk and an informal warm-up.

DURATION: Please allow up to 90mins for a trials session.

Player Age
Girls born 2000 - 2003

Turning 17-20yo in 2020
Session 1TBA
Session 2TBA
Girls born 2004 - 2006

Turning 14, 15 or 16yo in 2020
Session 14:30pm (90 mins)
Sat 09-Nov-2019
Session 23:00pm (90 mins)
Sun 10-Nov-2019
Girls born 2007

Turning 13yo in 2020
Session 13:00pm (90 mins)
Sat 09-Nov-2019
Session 24:30pm (90 mins)
Sun 10-Nov-2019
Girls born 2008

Turning 12yo in 2020
Session 11:30pm (90 mins)
Sat 09-Nov-2019
Session 26:00pm (90 mins)
Sun 10-Nov-2019
Girls born 2009

Turning 11yo in 2020
Session 11:30pm (90 mins)
Sun 17-Nov-2019
Session 24:30pm (90 mins)
Sat 23-Nov-2019
Girls born 2010

Turning 10yo in 2020
Session 14:30pm (90 mins)
Sun 17-Nov-2019
Session 23:00pm (90 mins)
Sat 23-Nov-2019
Girls born 2011

Turning 9yo in 2020
Session 13:00pm (90 mins)
Sun 17-Nov-2019
Session 21:30pm (90 mins)
Sat 23-Nov-2019

Ask a Coordinator

U14-U16 GirlsU12-U13 GirlsU10-U11 GirlsU8-U9 Girls
U14-U16 Girls Coordinator

Nola Woo
Nola Woo
U12-13 Girls Coordinator
0411 039 281
Linda McCaffrey
Linda McCaffrey
U10-U11 Girls Coordinator
0438 072 024
Alexandria Muyemba
Alexandria Muyemba
U8-U9 Girls Coordinator
0498 657 656

Gradings FAQs

Why are the gradings on different times and days of the week?

Parents and children often have other commitments which might clash with the gradings. The gradings sessions are on different times to maximise that chance that everyone can attend at least one of the gradings.

Do I still have a chance to get into a graded team later if I miss out a spot in a graded team now?

Yes. The allocation of players into teams isn’t permanent.

Right throughout the pre-season and during the main season, we allow for fluidity of player movement between teams. As teams are formed, some spots are kept vacant in the highest level graded teams to enable players to progress up, and this also creates spots in lower level graded teams.

If you put in the time at home to practice and improve, and have a great attitude at training and games, we want to reward you for your effort and drive by moving you to a higher level team. We also acknowledge that we may not have made the right call during gradings and also realise players develop at different rates.

My friend got an offer. Does that mean I missed out?

No. Teams are filled progressively.

Some players (whose ability we already know) will get their offers before the gradings commence. Others will get an offer after their first gradings session whilst yet others again will be asked to come back to a second session because we aren’t sure and we would like to have another look.

When will the gradings results be announced?

Within 7 days of each session, you should receive one of 3 possible emails:

  1. Your grading has been successful. You are offered a spot in a graded team. To accept this offer and confirm your spot please click this payment link and pay the non-refundable registration fee within 4 days. 
  2. A callback. We saw some promising signs but need to have a second look to be sure.
  3. You missed out on a spot in a graded team. You have been allocated a spot in an ungraded team.   We will continue to monitor your progress with a view to moving you up to a graded team for training initially, and later, games too.
Do I need to attend all gradings sessions?

No you don’t have to, but your chances to impress the selectors are increased if you do.

  1. If you get a ‘missed out’ email after session 1 then you aren’t required to come to session 2.
  2. If circumstances dictate that you are unable to attend any or all of the sessions, please let us know and the coordinator may be able to arrange for a coach with a vacancy to ‘have a look at’ your child at one of their training sessions.    
What do I need to bring?

Boots and shin guards
Drink bottle (more than 1 in hot weather)

What if the weather is extreme?

The club’s Extreme Weather Policy applies to gradings the same as it does to matches and normal training sessions.

Is there a fee to attend gradings?

No fee for gradings.
Note however that if you are offered a spot, you must accept the offer and pay the normal registration fee by the deadline in order to confirm your spot.

Are selectors allowed to judge and comment about their own kids?

In the event that a child of one of the selectors is tying out, then that selector isn’t allowed to record any observations or make any comments about their own child’s performance.

What if I don’t agree with the gradings outcome?

The selectors are available to discuss (learning opportunities for) every kid with their respective parent/guardian. They will refrain from discussing other children, i.e. he will not make comparisons. If you’re not satisfied, the club’s manager and/or president is available to sit in on a second discussion. Furthermore, he’ll take suggestions for improvement of the gradings procedure for the following year.