Joining Information (Season 2017)


Too Late

The intake for season 2017 has now closed.

Please apply to join the club for the 2018 season. See 2018 Joining Information







Match Times, Training Times, etc.



Which Age Group am I?

‘Under’ means the age you are under on 1st January
Eg. if you are aged 9yo on the 1st January then you play in U10 that year.

In other words, ‘Under’ means ‘Turning’
Eg. an Under 12 team consists of players who are turning 12 years old in that calendar year.

2017 Boys Teams
2017 Girls Teams
1998 and earlier
Senior Men
Senior Women
1999 U18 Boys Senior Women
2000 U17 Boys Senior Women (or U15/16 Girls if you
haven't played for a club before)
U16 Boys
U15/16 Girls
2002 U15 Boys
U15/16 Girls
2003 U14 Boys
U13/14 Girls
2004 U13 Boys
U13/14 Girls
U12 Boys
U12 Girls
2006 U11 Boys
U11 Girls
2007 U10 Boys
U10 Girls
U9 Boys
U9 Girls
U8 Boys
U8 Girls
U7 (mixed) or
U8/9 Girls
2011 - 2012 Kick-Off 5-6yo
Kick-Off 5-6yo

See also “No Playing Down an Age“.


What are the selection criteria?

The following factors are taken into account when offering spots in Glen Eira teams.  You’ll see it’s not just about the players.

  • The player’s ability.
    For higher level teams we place more emphasis on ability.
  • Having a parent appointed as a coach for the upcoming season.
  • Having a parent appointed to another volunteer role for the upcoming season. Examples: team manager, assistant coach, committee member or other club-level role.
  • Whether the player was a member of the same team last year.
  • Being able to attend on the nights when the team trains.
  • The player’s dedication, attitude, attendance and approach to the game and its effect on team spirit.
  • The parents’ contributions, behavior & attitude and its impact on the team, the club, the game.
  • Having siblings in other teams in the club.
  • The family having connections with other team members.
  • The player and their parents having an unblemished recent sporting/playing history. Any team, any club, any sport.