Juggler is part of the Home Football Program of Glen Eira FC.

Juggler allows Glen Eira FC players to compete against themselves and their teammates at Ball Juggling and Wall Passes.

How to Join In.

1. Watch the videos and look at the points chart
2. Work your way through the juggling challenges, one by one. 
3. Upload your score every time you get a new PB.
4. There are winners for each age group as well as overall club winners. 
5. There are separate winners for most juggling points and most improved jugglers.
6. New winners are announced every week.  The cutoff to upload your best score is 5pm Sundays.

Watch how to do Juggling Challenges

Work your way up through the juggling challenges.
Click here to see how to do each exercise.


  1. Every points bracket within a level must be completed.
  2. You cannot skip any points bracket in the levels.
  3. Every level must be completed before moving onto the next level.
  4. You must achieve maximum points in each bracket before moving onto the next one. In other words, you can’t skip any points brackets in the levels and you can’t move onto the next points bracket until you achieve the maximum points in your current bracket. This is meant to encourage good development on both feet.
  5. Video evidence must be provided for each major milestone achieved.
  6. The winners of most juggles and most improved in each age group will be published on Social media channels each week.

Juggling Points Scale

You must achieve maximum points in each bracket before moving onto the next bracket. Click on the mini version below to see a full breakdown of how to move up through the points ladders.

Click for larger version

Video Verification

To ensure the integrity of the competition and also to potentially promote players and the Club, jugglers must provide a link to a video of themselves getting to the top of the level they are currently in.

Level 1 20 Juggles with any size ball with weak foot (70 points*)
*Unlocks Free Gift
Level 2 20 Juggles with size 2 ball with weak foot (130 points)
Level 3 20 Juggles with tennis ball with weak foot (190 points)
Level 4 20 Juggles with squash ball with weak foot (250 points)
Level 5 20 Juggles with footy ball with weak foot (310 points)
Level 6 40 Juggles with footy ball with weak foot (370 points)

*Every Juggler achieving 70 points gets a free Size 2 ball.

Video Eligibility
• All juggles must be visible on camera. No off-camera juggles will be counted.
The ball used must be a real soccer ball, a real tennis ball, a real squash ball or a real footy ball. No imitation or toy balls are allowed.
The minimum number of juggles to qualify is 20 (not 16 – 20).
One or two bumps on the knee or thigh will be overlooked but they won’t be counted as a juggle. Three or more knee/thigh bumps will make the video ineligible.


Week 1: Week 1 prize winners are the most improved jugglers in each age group. The will each receive a size 2 soccer ball. 
Week 2: Week 2 prize winners are the most improved jugglers in each age group. The will each receive a size 2 soccer ball.
Week 3: Week 3 prize winners are the most improved jugglers in each age group. The will each receive a size 2 soccer ball.
Week 4: TBA
Week 5: TBA
Week 6: TBA
Week 7: TBA
Week 8: TBA


You need to register before you can load your scores.
Your Player ID will be emailed to you.

Submit your Results

Tell us how many points you got.

Check your Results

See how many points you got previously.

Most Improved Jugglers

Improvements are measured at 5pm each Sunday.
Ladders refresh every 10 minutes.

Most Improved Jugglers - Girls

Most Improved Jugglers - Boys

Most Improved Jugglers - Club

Most Juggling Points

See how you compare to others.
Ladders refresh every 10mins.

Most Juggling Points - Girls

Most Juggling Points - Boys

Most Juggling Points - Club