ALDI Miniroos Kick-Off

Glen Eira’s ALDI Miniroos Kick-Off is an introductory football (soccer) program for 5 to 6 year olds.

Glen Eira FC is an accredited Kick-Off site running under the auspices of the national ALDI MiniRoos Kick-Off program. This program is an initiative of the FFA, the Football Federation of Australia.

  • The 5-6yo program runs on Saturday mornings and consists of skills development practices, followed by a small-sided Miniroos game.

The ALDI MiniRoos match is a modified version of the game designed to meet the needs of younger players. The smaller sized fields with fewer numbers of players per team, encourages more touches on the ball and opportunities for more goals to be scored.



DatesAIA Vitality Miniroos Kick-Off poster

The program runs on Saturday mornings at 11am from 21-April till 01-Sep-2018 inclusive (terms 2 and 3). Come for a try-out and if he/she likes it, then you can sign up online. Registered Kick-Off kids get a medal on the club’s Family Gala Day.

  • Sat 21-Apr-2018. First Kick-Off session for the year.
  • Sat 05-May-2018.  Catch Up #1 (No session)   Normal session
  • Sat 07-July-2018. Mid-year break (No session)
  • Sat 18-Aug-2018. Mini-World Cup as part of the Family Gala Day at Glen Eira FC with medal presentations & jumping castles.
  • Sat 01-Sep-2018. The last kick-off session for the year.



What time is 5-6yo Kick-Off?

  • ALDI Miniroos Kick-Off sessions for 5-6yo run each Saturday morning from 11:00am till 12:00pm.



Where is 5-6yo Kick-Off?

We are on KO-1 to KO-5 near the BBQs on Munro Avenue.

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What to wear/bring?

Go Ollie! Glen Eira Kick-Off 5-6yo participants are provided with coloured bibs to use during the sessions.


ALDI Miniroos Kick-Off kids usually buy their own boots and shin guards. Runners are also fine, as long as the soles aren’t too smooth and the grass isn’t too wet.

Remember to bring their water bottles too.



Involvement of Parents

Your help is needed if your kids are to get the most out of their introduction to football. Please try to find ways to contribute. On-field supervision, especially as instructing referees, is most needed. But there are other ways to chip in… maybe offer to help out serving in the canteen, turning up early to help set up, or storing away the equipment, etc.



What if the weather is rotten?

If you don’t hear from the Kick-Off coordinator via text 20 mins before start time, then you should assume the session is on.

If any sessions are completely rained out, we will have catch-up sessions during the holiday break or extend the season a week or two.



How much does it cost?

Click here to see the Fees page..



Compared to U7 & U8

5-6yo program
  • focus is on skills development not match play
  • Kids can wear whatever they tops and shorts they like.
  • No mid-week training sessions.
  • 4 v 4 (no goalies)
  • All home matches against other GlenEira U7 teams – no travel to away games.
  • U7 teams have a coach and team manager.
  • Club provides the jerseys for use during the season
  • U7 teams train once a week (typically 6pm on a Mon,Tue, Wed or Thu night)
  • More details at Miniroos U7
  • 7 v 7 (with goalies)
  • Half the matches are away against other clubs.
  • U8 teams have a coach and team manager.
  • Players are required to buy their own club uniform
  • U8 teams train once a week (typically 6pm on a Mon,Tue, Wed or Thu night)
  • More details at Miniroos U8-U11





Boys and girls who turn 5, 6 during the year are eligible to join the ALDI Miniroos Kick-Off program run by Glen Eira.

Slightly younger or older children may also join Kick-Off as appropriate. For example there maybe 7 year olds who haven’t played before and need some introductory skills and familiarity with the game. Or maybe the child’s physical size or skill-level means they’d have more fun in the Kick-Off program than elsewhere.

IMG_7166Register for 5-6yo Kick-Off


What if we’re not sure?

You can come along to any ALDI Miniroos Kick-Off sessions for a free try-out session. If your child likes it and wants to come back then you can go online and join up after that.