2020 Playing Uniforms

A New Era

Glen Eira FC is looking back on a successful season in 2019 and is looking forward to 2020 with excitement. Our Club’s entry into the Boys’ NPL competition is a major milestone and we will continue to grow our successful Girls’ program.

To mark and celebrate these achievements, we are launching a new playing uniform for season 2020.

The new uniform will see us change the Club colours to sky blue and navy. These colours are unique within our playing zone and will give our Club a refreshed, updated, professional appearance, whilst also paying appropriate homage to our history via our logo – the phoenix rising from the flames. The sky blue will also avoid the frequent (near) clashes with neighbouring clubs that wear dark jerseys (including maroon).

Jerseys,  Shorts & Socks

  • Sky Jersey with Navy trim $33
    includes Club Logo and Player Number.
  • White Clash Jersey $30
    includes Club Logo and Player Number.
  • Shorts $20
  • Socks $10


  • The 2020 stock of playing uniforms are available from late February 2020.
  • It will remain available until 29th March 2020.  

Where to Buy

The 2020 Glen Eira FC uniforms are available from Sportsmart Team Sales which is upstairs at the Sportsmart Moorabbin store. 


  • The usual turnaround time to get the numbers applied is 7 days.  They might be able to do them on the spot if it’s not too busy.

2019 VIP Weekend (update for 2020 tba)

Click to download and print This Flyer (which must be presented on the day).

When NOT to Buy

  • If you leave it till after 29 March there is no guarantee that stock will be available in time for Round 1.

Which jersey(s) do I need?

  • Senior players are required to have a home jersey (sky/navy), a clash jersey (white), navy shorts and navy socks.
  • Players U12-U18 inclusive are required to have the sky / navy home jersey, a clash jersey (white), navy shorts and navy socks..
  • Players U8-U11 inclusive are required to have the sky / navy jersey, navy shorts and navy socks
  • For 5-7yo Kick-Offpurchase of the club kit is optional.
    Kick-Off kids need to get their own boots and shin guards. 

Can I use my existing playing uniform from 2019?

For 2020, we ask all players to change to the new sky blue / navy blue outfit as their home kit. The new jersey is a ‘Mitre Cabrio’ which is a higher quality jersey than what has been used in previous years.

Which Jersey Number do I get?

U12 – U18 and Seniors
Players in U12 - U18 and Seniors teams must have unique jersey numbers.
  1. Notify your Team Manager what number you prefer and whether you already own a jersey(s) with this number.
  2. Team Manager will check if anyone else has the same number and load your number into Teamstuff.
  3. When you go to Sportsmart you must order the Jersey Number which has been assigned to you in Teamstuff.
NOTE: Numbers 1 and 21 are reserved for goalkeeper jerseys.
U8 – U11
Duplicate Jersey Numbers are allowed in U8-U11 teams so get whatever number you prefer.

No number is also allowable.


Typical Age5-6yo6-8yo8-10yo10-12yo11-14yo12-15yo13+14+14+14+14+
The gap between sizes is consistent. There is no overlap between Youth-XL and S.

Equiv.Size 4Size 6Size 8Size 10Size 12Size 14
Typical Shoe Size 13 - 33 - 89 - 13
Typical Age7 - 9yo10 - 15yo16yo - Adult

White clash jerseys

Q. Which jersey should I bring to the match?
A. Glen Eira U13-Seniors players must bring both sky/navy and white jerseys to every match.

Q. Which team has to wear the clash jersey?
A. In the event of a clash of jersey colour with the opposition team, it is the away team who are required to wear an alternate coloured jersey.
Alternate coloured shorts and socks aren’t required in the leagues which Glen Eira plays in. Except for Women’s State League where a socks clash isn’t permitted.

Q. How can we predict if there is likely to be a clash?
A. If you have both jerseys on hand as required, then you don’t need to predict.
However to satisfy your curiosity click here for the FV Strip Report.

Q. Does a player’s white jersey have to have same number as their sky/navy jersey?
A. In theory, no. The rules for U12-Seniors require only that every player wears a different number, regardless of which colour strip they are wearing. However in practice, yes because it’s already hard enough for the Team Manager to work out what unique number every player should get for their primary jerseys. Doing it over again for the other strip is just unnecessary. Furthermore if the team changes to its other strip before a match then the Team Manager has to remember to change the jersey numbers on the team sheet. And a single mistake in a number on a teamsheet could see a winning match result overturned.

Q. Can we wear the white jersey at away matches even if there isn’t a clash?
A. Yes. Teams may treat the white jersey as the Glen Eira ‘away’ strip.

Q. Can we wear the white jersey at home matches?
A. No.  The competition regulations require us to our sky/navy shirts when we play at home. This also promotes the Club ‘brand’ and our identity.
Exception 1: you are the AWAY team playing against another Glen Eira team who is the home team, then you can wear WHITE.
Exception 2: there’s a clash and the opposition team doesn’t have their own clash jerseys, then we would probably do the right thing and switch to WHITE in order to allow the match to proceed.

Can I get used uniforms?

Yes but probably not in sky/navy since they are new for 2020.
The club operates a buy/sell/swap group on Facebook.

Click to Join the Group:   Glen Eira FC Member-To-Member Marketplace


The Club Hub will issue each team with a goalkeeper jersey and goalkeeper gloves for use by goalkeepers during the season, regardless of whomever that goalkeeper may be.  At the end of the season these items must be washed (cold) and dried (cool) and then returned to the club, ready to be re-issued for the following season.

Since goalkeepers may be expected to play in the field from time to time, all players in the team including the goalkeeper are required to have their own field player jersey(s) with numbers other than the goalkeeper numbers of 1 and 21 on the back.

A goalkeeper’s number in Teamstuff should be his number as an outfield player.  In other words the number on his/her maroon (and white) jerseys. This will ensure that no other field player ends up with the same field number as the goalkeeper.

Boots, Shinguards, Mouthguards

  • Players need to purchase their own football boots and shinguards from their local sports retailer or online. These are required by the laws of the game.
  • The boots should have moulded soles not screw-in studs.   Whilst screw-in studs technically are allowed under FIFA rules, the club disallows them because they are scary to other parents and not justified because we don’t play on really muddy grounds.
  • Shinguards must be worn under the socks.
  • Mouthguards are not required, but may be a good idea.


FIFA Laws of the Game (Law 4 – Players Equipment) applies to U12 upwards and states:

  • Undershirts must be the same colour as the main colour of the shirt sleeve
  • undershorts/tights must be the same colour as the main colour of the shorts or the lowest part of the shorts
  • players of the same team must wear the same colour.

Magical Playing Uniforms

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