2017 Playing Uniforms



How to Buy

Uniforms are available over the counter from the Club Hub at Lord Reserve on Sat and Sun mornings. Cash-only preferred.

  • Maroon Jersey $32
  • White Clash Jersey $32
  • Shorts $19
  • Socks $12

To order online and pickup from Club HubPay Online



Jerseys,  Shorts & Socks

Deploy Teamwear is the uniform supplier for 2017.




Do I have to buy the 2017 uniform?

No. The 2017 playing strip from Deploy has been carefully chosen to be close in colour and design to the Adidas strip from 2016 so you can still wear the old uniform and it won’t look out of place.




Jersey Numbers

  • All Glen Eira players U8 upwards must have a number on their jersey.
  • Numbers 1 and 21 are reserved for goalkeeper jerseys.
  • U8-11 teams are allowed to have multiple players wearing the same jersey number.
  • Players in U12-Seniors teams on the other hand, must have unique jersey numbers.




Size Youth-2XS Youth-XS Youth-S Youth-M Youth-L Youth-XL S M L XL 2XL 3XL
Typical Age 5-6yo 6-8yo 8-10yo 10-12yo 11-14yo 12-15yo 13+ 14+ 14+ 14+ 14+ 14+
Size increments are consistent. In other words the gap between sizes is always the same. There is no overlap between Youth-XL and S.


Size Youth-2XS Youth-XS Youth-S Youth-M Youth-L Youth-XL S M L XL 2XL
Equiv. Size 4 Size 6 Size 8 Size 10 Size 12 Size 14


Size S M L XL
Typical Shoe Size 13 - 3 3 - 6 7 - 11 12+
Typical Age 7 - 9yo 10 - 12yo 13yo - Adult Adult



Sample uniforms are available for sizing purposes at the Club Hub (inside the main clubhouse at Lord Reserve).  Click here for Opening Hours.



Which uniform do I need to buy?

  • Senior players are required to have a home jersey (maroon), a clash jersey (white), green shorts and green socks.
  • Wheelies players will be provided with kits as part of their registration fee.
  • Players U12-U18 inclusive are required to have a home jersey (maroon), a clash jersey (white), green shorts and green socks.
  • Players U8-U11 inclusive are required to have a home jersey (maroon), green shorts and green socks.
  • For U7 players, purchase of club kit is optional.
    Since U7 is an intra-club competition, the U7 players are provided with different coloured jerseys for use during the season.  These jerseys must returned clean and in good condition at the end of the season, ready for use by next year’s U7s. 
  • For 5-6yo Kick-Offpurchase of the club kit is optional.
    Coloured bibs are provided for use during the Kick-Off sessions.  Kick-Off kids need to get their own boots and shin guards. 



White clash jerseys

Q. Which jersey should I bring to the match?
A. Glen Eira U12-Seniors players are expected bring both maroon and white jerseys to every match.

Q. Which team has to wear the clash jersey?
A. In the event of a clash of jersey colour with the opposition team, it is the away team who are required to wear an alternate coloured jersey.
Alternate coloured shorts and socks aren’t required in the leagues which Glen Eira plays in.

Q. How can we predict if there is likely to be a clash?
A. If you have both jerseys on hand as required, then you don’t need to predict.
However to satisfy your curiosity click here for the FFV Strip Report.

Q. Can we wear the white jersey at away matches even if there isn’t a clash?
A. Yes. Teams may treat the white jersey as the Glen Eira ‘away’ strip.

Q. Can we wear the white jersey at home matches?
A. Not unless you are the AWAY team playing against another Glen Eira team who is the home team.
Glen Eira teams should always wear their Maroon tops at home. Unless there’s a clash and the opposition team doesn’t have their own clash jerseys, then we would probably do the right thing and switch in order to allow the match to proceed.



Goalkeeper Jerseys

The Club Hub will issue each team with a goalkeeper jersey and a set of goalkeeper gloves for use by goalkeepers during the season, regardless of whomever that goalkeeper may be.  At the end of the season these items must be washed (cold) and dried and then returned to the club, ready to be re-issued for the following season.

Since goalkeepers may be expected to play in the field from time to time, all players in the team including the goalkeeper are required to have their own field player jersey(s) with numbers other than the goalkeeper numbers of 1 and 21 on the back.


A goalkeeper’s number in Teamstuff should be his number as a field player in other words the number on his maroon (and white) jerseys. This will ensure that no other field player ends up with the same field number as the goalkeeper.



Boots, Shinguards, Mouthguards

  • Players need to purchase their own football boots and shinguards from their local sports retailer or online. These are required by the laws of the game.
  • The boots should have moulded soles not screw-in studs.   Whilst screw-in studs technically are allowed under FIFA rules, the club disallows them because they are scary to other parents and not justified because we don’t play on really muddy grounds.
  • Shinguards should be worn under the socks.
  • Mouthguards are not required, but may be a good idea.




FIFA Laws of the Game (Law 4 – Players Equipment) applies to U12 upwards and states:

  • Undershirts must be the same colour as the main colour of the shirt sleeve
  • undershorts/tights must be the same colour as the main colour of the shorts or the lowest part of the shorts
  • players of the same team must wear the same colour.



Hoodies, Bags, Jackets

Club branded off-field apparel will become available when the weather turns cold.








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