Joining Information (Season 2020)

For Girls

Glen Eira FC offers teams for girls of all ages and skill levels.

  • Advanced-level Development Squads
  • Graded teams
  • Ungraded teams
  • Introductory Program for 5-7yo

5-7yo Girls (bn. 2013-2015)U8-U16 Girls (bn 2004-2012)U18 Girls & Senior Women (bn 2003 and earlier)

For Boys

Glen Eira FC offers teams for boys of all ages and skill levels.

  • Advanced-level Development Squads.
  • Graded teams
  • Ungraded teams
  • Introductory Program for 5-7yo

Boys 5-7yoBoys U8-U12Boys U13-U18Youth 17-20yo
See What Age Group am I?

For Women

The Club offers teams for ladies of varying playing abilities.

  • For the slightly more serious players (the main focus is still fun and enjoyment) we have an 11-a-side team in the State League.
  • Soccer Mums is a fun focussed introduction to the game. #nojudgement #noexperiencerequired #thisgirlcanvic #jointhefun

With all our teams, the focus is on enjoyment and player safety, not winning.
Senior Womens FootballWomens Metro SevensSoccer Mums

For Men

Glen Eira’s senior teams are for social players who like to get out and have a kick in a structured environment on full-sized pitches with qualified referees, etc. The focus is on enjoyment and player safety, not winning.

  • We’re multicultural. 
  • Age range range is typically 20s/30s/40s. 
  •  The standard is intermediate.

Other Football Programs

The club offers non-traditional football programs. Click below for more info.

Wheelchair FootballAll Abilities FootballSoccer MumsGlen Eira Budding RefereesIntroductory Program for 5-7yo Boys & Girls

The Glen Eira Selection Criteria

The following factors are taken into account when offering spots in Glen Eira teams.  You’ll see it’s not just about the players.

  • The player’s ability.
    1. For development squads and graded teams, selection is mostly about ability.  The other factors below still count but they play a lesser role.
    2. For ungraded teams U13 upwards, there is still some emphasis on ability however other factors count more.
    3. For ungraded teams U12 downwards, there is little emphasis on ability, it’s mostly the other factors.
  • Whether the team has a vacancy in the player’s usual playing position.
  • Having a parent appointed as a coach for the upcoming season.
  • Having a parent appointed to another volunteer role for the upcoming season. Examples: team manager, assistant coach, committee member, coordinator or other club-level role.
  • Whether the player was a member of the same team last year.
  • Being able to attend on the nights when the team trains.
  • The player’s dedication, attitude, attendance and approach to the game and its effect on team spirit.
  • The parents’ contributions, behavior & attitude and its impact on the team, the club, the game.
  • Having siblings in other teams in the club.
  • The family having connections with other team members.
  • The player and their parents having an unblemished recent sporting/playing history. Any team, any club, any sport.

Good Behaviour Agreement

Glen Eira FC is keen to protect its reputation as an easy-going conflict-free club where the kids are left to enjoy their sport in a positive supportive environment free of parent pressure from the sidelines. If my/my child’s application to join the Club is successful, I and my partner agree:

  1. I agree to focus on player enjoyment and player development and rather than match results.
  2. Not to coach from the sideline (unless I am the coach)
  3. Not to criticise or repeatedly question referees before, during or after a match. (Please send ref feedback directly to the club).
  4. Not to make any negative remarks towards any player (either side).
  5. To treat members of all teams (adults and children) with decency and respect at all times.
Membership Fees

See how much is costs to join Glen Eira FC

Which Age Group am I?

‘Under’ means the age you are under on 1st January
Eg. if you are aged 9yo on the 1st January then you play in U10 that year.

In other words, ‘Under’ means ‘Turning’
Eg. an Under 12 team consists of players who are turning 12 years old in that calendar year.

2020 Boys Teams
2020 Girls Teams
1999 and earlier
Senior Men
Senior Women
Senior Men or
U20 Boys
Senior Women
2002U20 Boys or
U18 Boys
Senior Women or
U18 Girls
2003U18 Boys or
U17 Boys
U18 Girls
U16 Boys
U16 Girls
2005U15 Boys
U16 Girls
2006U14 Boys
U14 Girls
2007U13 Boys
U13 Girls
U12 Boys
U12 Girls
2009U11 Boys
U11 Girls
2010U10 Boys
U10 Girls
U9 Boys
U9 Girls
2012U8 Boys
U8 Girls
20135-7yo Kick-Off

5-7yo Kick-Off
or U8 Girls
2014- 20155-7yo Kick-Off5-7yo Kick-Off

See also “No Playing Down an Age“.