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How to Join In.

1. Watch the videos and look at points scale.
2. Work your way through the passing challenges one by one. 
3. Send in your new score every time you get a new PB.

Passing Challenges

Work your way up through the passing challenges.

Passing Challenge Rules

  1. Every challenge within a level must be completed before moving to the next level.
  2. You cannot skip any challenges in the level.
  3. Video evidence of the last challenge in each level must be submitted in order to get to the next level.

Passing Points Scale

Start at Level 1, Challenge #1 to get 1 point.
Then move to Level 1, Challenge #2 to get 2 points. Keep going until you’ve completed all challenges in Level 1.
The challenges in Level 2 and beyond are the same as Level 1, but the numbers of passes to complete the challenge rises exponentially.

Click for larger version

Video Verification

To ensure the integrity of the competition and also to potentially promote players and the Club, participants must provide a link to a video of themselves completing Challenge #18 of the level they are currently in.

Level 1 10 Wall passes. 3 Volleys.
Level 2 20 Wall passes. 5 Volleys.
Level 3 40 Wall passes. 10 Volleys.
Level 4 100 Wall passes. 20 Volleys.
Level 5 200 Wall passes. 40 Volleys.

Video Eligibility
• All volleys must be visible on camera. No off-camera volleys will be counted.
The ball used must be a real soccer ball at normal inflation. No imitation or toy balls are allowed.
One or two on the knee or thigh bounces will be overlooked but they won’t be counted as a vollwy. Three or more knee/thigh bumps will make the video ineligible.


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Submit Your Score

Tell us your name and how many Passing points you got by emailing

Most Improved Passers

Improvements are measured against your results from previous days.

Most Improved Passers – Girls

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Most Improved Passers – Club

Most Passing Points

See how you compare to others.
Ladders refresh every 10mins.

Most Passing Points – Girls

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