Player Shortages



Squad Sizes

Squad size is a balance.

  • If the squad is too big it means players don’t get enough game time.  It’s also more difficult for coaches comply with the club’s Equal Game Time policy.
  • If the squad is too small it means the team is likely to run short of players in the second half of the season. Particularly when matches are scheduled on school holidays, the weather is bad, players are injured/sick, families are away, etc.
  • Teams who start the season with less than the recommended squad size will almost certainly be starting some matches short or with no subs.


Age Group Squad Size On Bench On Ground
Seniors 17-20 6-9 11
U15 - U18 16-17 5-6 11
U12 - U14 16 5 11
U10 - U11 12 3 9
U8 - U9 10 3 7
U7 6 2 4



How to Borrow Players

Glen Eira teams who are short of players may seek to borrow players from other Glen Eira teams.  A player’s registration fee doesn’t tie them to a particular team.

  1. To be eligible to play for an U12-U18 team, the player must come from a lower league in your age group or a lower age group.
  2. Use the official fixture lists to check other team’s matches to see if their players might be available.
    Ideally they will have already played their own match first before they play for your team.  The other coach is unlikely to consent if your match is on before theirs.
  3. Call or text (email doesn’t work) the coach of other team for consent to their borrow players. The parents also have to agree.
    Ask the Coordinator if you need a coach’s mobile number.

NOTE: U11 Players being borrowed by U12 teams must have their photo on their Player ID card.



Forfeit Notifications

Forfeits must be notified 5 days prior.

  • If the forfeit is notified 3 days prior, the team risks a $300 fine.
  • If the forfeit is notified within 3 days, the team risks a $600 fine.

For more details, including the exact cutoff times, see section 9.3 of 2017 FFV GDT (Grievance, Disciplinary and Tribunal By-Law).


NOTE: Laws of the Game state that 11-a-side matches cannot proceed unless there is a minimum of 7 players on the pitch.