2020 Pre-Season Training


Pre-season training starts Tue 28th Jan 2020 and ends Fri 20-Mar 2020.
After that date we use the in-season training timetable.


NOTE: Mackie Road isn’t available during pre-season.

Spaces (Pre-Season)

If your team isn’t listed, the coach should request a space (see next section ‘Times’).

NOTE: Unsecured space means other groups (cricket, footy) have the official allocation and have right to ask you to move away. However they rarely use it. Therefore this is a way of getting more space as long as you remain flexible about moving sometimes and you can’t say “no way mate, we’ve been here for 6 weeks”

Times (Pre-Season)

Coaches can use this table to find vacant spaces and send a request to the club to book it.
Note: The ‘Age’ column and size of spaces is a guide only. All requests will be considered.  

Mid-Week Pitch Bookings

PURPOSES: For Friendly Matches / Coach Courses / Ref Courses / Clinics

Note: for weekend friendly match bookings, see Matches > Home Match Schedules.  

Training Equipment

Coaches please make an appointment to be issued with your Team Equipment. Appointments are available from 5pm on Tue 28th January 2020.  Allow 20 mins for the collection process.

Training Goals Full-size

We have a set of these

5 x 2 Samba Goals

The 5×2 Samba goals have blue tape on the posts and blue buckets for the nets. Suitable for 9-a-side matches (U10-U12).

3 x 2 Samba Goals

The 3×2 Samba goals have red tape on the posts and red buckets for the nets. Suitable for 7-a-side matches (U8-U9).

Switching the Lights On

If you need to switch the grounds lights on, call or text the club for the instructions.

Switching the Lights Off

  • The last team to leave the pitches near the clubhouses must switch off the lights for Lord 1 and Lord 2.  Call or text the club for the instructions.
  • The last team to leave pitch 3 (behind the primary school) must switch off the lights for Lord 3.  Call or text the club for the instructions.
Lord-lightsOn-nooneHome Click image.  9:15pm:  Not switching the lights off wastes electricity and generates complaints from the neighbours.

Training and Teamstuff

Team Managers can load their team training sessions into Teamstuff.   It you set them up as a recurring event, just be aware that once they are all created, there is no way to go back and edit them as a series. In others words they become a bunch of unrelated trainings which can only be edited individually.   Training sessions have a built-in attendance tracker. Up to you whether you want to use it or not.