2021 Pre-Season Training


Pre-season training starts Tue 12th Jan 2021 and ends Fri 19-Mar 26-Mar 2021.
After that date we use the in-season training timetable.


NOTE: Mackie Road isn’t available during pre-season.

Spaces (Pre-Season)

If your team isn’t listed, the coach should request a space (see next section ‘Times’).

NOTE: Unsecured space means other groups (cricket, footy) have the official allocation and have right to ask you to move away. However they rarely use it. Therefore this is a way of getting more space as long as you remain flexible about moving sometimes and you can’t say “no way mate, we’ve been here for 6 weeks”

Times (Pre-Season)

Coaches can use this table to find vacant spaces and send a request to the club to book it.
Note: The ‘Age’ column and size of spaces is a guide only. All requests will be considered.  

Mid-Week Pitch Bookings

PURPOSES: For Friendly Matches / Coach Courses / Ref Courses / Clinics

Note: for weekend friendly match bookings, see Matches > Home Match Schedules.  

Pre-Season: No Studded Boots

Council are proactively enforcing their pre-season ban on studded boots. They are threatening to remove our ground access.

Please ask players to wear turf boots like these which provide a lot more grip than runners.

Switching the Lights On

If you need to switch the grounds lights on, call or text the club for the instructions.