2021 Boys’ NPL Membership Fee 50%

$325.00 inc. GST

50% of the 2021 Boys’ NPL Membership Fee.

Members of Glen Eira FC Boy’s NPL squads in season 2020 who didn’t get a refund of their season 2020 fees are eligible for the 50% ClubKeeper Discount. Normal Membership Fee is $650. Membership Fee after ClubKeeper Discount $325.

NOTE: If you did get a refund, or you are new to the club, please use the regular Boys’ NPL Membership Fee.

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This isn’t Registration.

This is payment of the Boys’ NPL Membership Fee (50%).

  • Players must also be registered on the Play Football system before they are eligible to participate.  There is no cost for the Play Football player registration.
  • To register on Play Football, visit







Your Club Membership Fees are used to cover:

  • FA and FV fees (incl. Injury Insurance)
  • Club staff and contractors
  • Coach support and education
  • Match and training equipment
  • Referee fees
  • Line-marking
  • Facilities hire and leasing costs
  • Gala Day (incl. trophies & awards)
  • Technology (systems, platforms, devices)
  • Utilities bills (incl. ground lighting costs)

Annual Total for Boys’ NPL $1725* incl GST
Equates to $1568 ex-GST

Due over 4 instalments:

  • $325 due upon squad confirmation: 50% Boy’s NPL Membership Fee*
  • $500 due 29th January 2021: Boys’ NPL Coaching Instalment (Part A)
  • $500 due 2nd April 2021: Boys’ NPL Coaching Instalment (Part B)
  • $400 due 9th July 2021: Boys’ NPL Coaching Instalment (Part C)

*Includes 2020 ClubKeeper Discount