2021 Membership Fee: U12 – U20 Players

$429.00 inc. GST

Payment of Glen Eira FC membership fee for players in U12 – U20 teams.

  • For more info see the Fees Page
  • Glen Eira FC Refund Policy applies
  • NOTE: This isn’t Player Registration (that’s a separate step)

For families with 2 or more children playing, click Sibling Discount tab below.

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This isn’t Registration.

This is payment of the club membership fee.

  • Players must be registered on the Play Football system before they are eligible to play matches.  There is no cost for the Play Football player registration.








How to claim 20% Sibling Discount

Enter coupon code 'sibling20' on the CHECKOUT page.

Only use this if you are paying for second or subsequent children (up to 18yo) from the same family

Do not use this if you are paying for the first child from the family because the they aren’t eligible for the discount. In this case go through the checkout once for the first child (no coupon code) then go through the checkout again (with ‘sibling20’ code) for the second and subsequent children.