Budding Refs Program



Refereeing is a fun and exciting way to be involved with football.

Not only do you get to see all the action from the best position on the field but refereeing will keep you fit, while meeting new and interesting people, and earning money at the same time.

Refereeing also allows you to watch and learn skills from other players, build confidence and responsibility, and also getting a greater insight into the game.




Aims of the program

  1. To contribute to the development of the game by introducing the next generation to the benefits of refereeing.
  2. To contribute to the smooth easy running of Glen Eira home matches for parents and players by removing the requirement for parents to ref their own kids matches.




  • You need to be at least 12 years old
  • You don’t need to be a member of Glen Eira FC
  • Applications are welcomed from both boys and girls.



Budding Ref Training Courses

Erik provides guidance and leadership
Glen Eira Budding Refs get free ref courses

To support our Budding Refs and consolidate and enhance their knowledge and refereeing skills, the club provides free training courses throughout the season for members of the Budding Referees program.


Starter Courses

  • 10am-11:30am Sat 23-Mar-2019
  • 10am-11:30am Sat 30-Mar-2019


Ongoing Education Sessions

  • R2:  13 April 2019 12:30pm (60 mins)
  • R3:  27 April 2019 12:30pm (60 mins)
  • R6:  25 May 2019 12:30pm (60 mins)
  • R9:  15 June 2019 12:30pm (60 mins)
  • R12: 13 July 2019 12:30pm (60 mins)
  • R15: 03 August 2019 12:30pm (60 mins)


The training courses are an important and essential component to the ongoing development of a Budding Referee.  All currently enrolled Budding Refs are required to attend, regardless of experience or qualifications.     Budding Refs not in attendance will receive reduced match appointments until they can next attend.




Limited Spots

The number of Budding Refs in the program will be capped at 150% of the available jobs.
On one hand we want to ensure the available Budding Refs get enough jobs to make it worthwhile.  At the same time we don’t want to run out of Budding Refs when numbers are down.



Glen Eira Budding Refs enjoy the following benefits

  1. They get paid.
    Payment is made via EFT direct bank transfer.
  2. They are provided with a Budding Refs top.
  3. They get matches allocated for most of the times when they indicate they are available.
  4. The club will cover the cost of any FV REFEREE courses they undertake.



Budding Ref Payments




Budding Ref Availability

  1. Budding Refs must submit the Budding Ref Availability Form by 6pm Wednesdays
  2. Budding Refs are advised of their allocated matches by 12pm Fridays



Match Days

  1. You must wear your Budding Refs top.  It must be tucked in.
    If it’s very cold then you can wear your BR shirt over the top of a jumper or hoodie. 
  2. Optionally you should also wear black or dark shorts, black socks and predominantly black boots.
  3. You must turn up 15min before kick-off to ref your matches.
    If you don’t turn up on time, there will be a lot of people are stressing about where you are and looking for someone to cover for you. Therefore if you are late (or a no-show) will miss out on being allocated matches in a future round.



Glen Eira Budding Refs showing off in their new tops.
The 2015 Glen Eira Budding Refs showing off in their new tops

To express interest in joining Glen Eira’s Budding Referees program, please click on the link.

Please contact the coordinator for further information

  • Liz Cosgrave
    0409 571 196


Glen Eira’s Referee Mentor will assist budding refs with feedback on their performance and help them get through the courses.

  • Peter Palatsides





FFV Training Courses

There are many referee courses and a well organised accreditation pathway for refs in Australia.  The courses of interest to Glen Eira Budding Refs:


The club will endeavour to host one or more of these courses during at its home grounds during the season.

The club will cover FFV course costs for members its Budding Refs program.




See also FFV Refs.