FV Rules for Juniors U12-U13

9v9 Format

In 2021 Football Victoria will join other member federations in Australia by implementing the 9v9 format in the Under 13 Boys’ and Girls’ competitions. This decision has been made to provide the best learning environment for young players so each individual can realise their full potential.

9-a side in Under 12s allows players to be challenged technically as well as physically through multiple repeated actions in smaller areas. It also aims to set realistic expectations that meet the needs of young footballers, rather than senior players. It focuses on the development of a player rather than the result of the match.

FV Club Handbook

This handbook is designed to assist with frequently asked match day questions, from security and referees to clash strips and ground conditions.

Team Managers should carry a Club Handbook throughout the season, regardless if they are home or away.

This handbook is issued as a guide only and is based on the 2019 FV Rules of Competition and Regulations. Rules of Competition and Regulations always take precedence.

FV Club Handbook

Rules & Regulation Documents

  • FV Rules of Competition and Regulations
  • FV Match Lighting Policy
  • FV Spectator Code of Behaviour
  • FFA (National) Registration Regulations
  • FV Registration Regulations
  • FV GDT By-Law
  • IFAB Laws of the Game