FFV Rules for Juniors U12-U18

Age Group Length of Half Ball Size
U18 Boys 45 mins 5
U16 & U17 Boys 40 mins 5
U15/16 Girls 40 mins 5
U15 Boys 35 mins 5
U14 Boys 30 mins 5
U13/14 Girls 30 mins 4
U12 & U13 Boys 25 mins 4
U12 Girls 25 mins 4


FFV Pitch Dimensions
Pitch Length (Seniors) 96m min - 105m max
Pitch Width (Seniors) 60m min - 68m max
Pitch Length (Juniors) 90m min - 105m max
Pitch Width (Juniors) 50m min - 68m max




Club Handbook

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Competition Rules



Order of Precedence

Clubs shall first have regard to the rules in the following order.

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2017 Amendments

Source:  FFV Rules and Regulations page