How to Submit Results Online




  • U12 – Senior teams playing at home are required to submit their match results by 6pm Sundays.

The club will be fined $100 for a first offence and it gets worse after that the results aren’t entered on the Monday.   Teams unable to submit their results online should text or email their results to the club as soon as possible.

Applies to teams U12 - Seniors.

Setup Steps

To setup for Results Entry by Team Manager:

  1. Click on Sports TG Passport and login.
    • If you don’t have a login, click REGISTER and get one.
  2. Team Manager sends the email part (not their password) of their Sports TG Passport to Stewart . or text or whatsapp.
  3. Glen Eira’s Registrar grants team-level access to the Team Manager’s Sports TG passport.

Results Entry by Team Manager

  1. Click on Sports TG Passport and login.
  2. Click on Results Entry and Live Scoring.  Click on Glen Eira FC.
  3. Click on “Post-Game” for your match.
    If your match isn’t visible, change the dates at the top and click “Show matches”
  4. Enter the full-time score (FTS).
    All other fields are optional for Glen Eira FC community teams.

    It’s only mandatory for the HOME team to load the Full Time Score.

    Everything else may also be done, but it’s optional, eg
    – Loading the final result if we are the away team.
    – Loading the half-time score
    – Loading the goal scorers names
    – Loading the Red and Yellow cards

    If the match was postponed or abandoned for any reason, set result to ‘Washout’.

  5. Click the ‘Update Match Scores’ button on right of the page.
Optional – Goal Scorers

Create the TEAM SHEET first…

LOCKOUT. Goal  scorers must be loaded at the same time as the final score is entered because matches are LOCKED against further data entry shortly after the final score is loaded.


More detailed instructions in this PDF