Team Photos


U7-U11 Only

Due to low demand from U12-U18 and Seniors in previous years, there will only be Team Photos for U7-U11 teams this year.



Order Forms
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Team Managers please collect your Team Photo packs from the Club Hub in the main clubhouse at Lord.  Inside are the order forms for the parents.

  1. Parents should fill out the order forms and hand them back to the Team Manager.
  2. Team Manager puts the orders inside the team envelope.
  3. Team Managers fills in the outside of the team envelope, being very careful to list the all players and officials who are in the photo including their player number and correct spelling.  This applies even if they aren’t ordering photos.
  4. Team Envelopes with the completed order forms inside are given to the photographer on any of the shoot days.  Doesn’t have to be day of your own shoot.
  5. Late orders can be sent direct to Kangaroo Photos.

Click here to see the 2014 Team Photos [glen10]




Photo Shoot Schedule





On Photo Day
  • Photo Shoots will start on time.   Whether you are there or not.
  • IMPORTANT: Your assembly time is 15 mins prior to your appointed Team Photo shoot time.
  • Most teams will have their photos BEFORE their matches, but in some cases they are AFTER.
  • All photo shoots are at Lord Reserve, even though your match be at another ground.
    Please advise if you don’t think enough travel time has been allowed.
  • Location of the photo shoot is down near the pool carpark.  Unless it’s raining then we shoot indoors.
U8 Glen Eira (Dolphins)

Why 15 mins early? Because there’s no fat in the schedule – each photo shoot must start on time otherwise the team will be late for their own match.   Either that, or the other teams after you will certainly be late for theirs.

If any players are late for their team photo, they can get their get individual picture taken separately at a later time and it will be inserted in a corner of the group shot. See “What if a player is away?” below.

What if a player is away?
U8 Glen Eira (Dolphins) - looney
Funny Photo

Q: If a player is unable to attend their scheduled Team Photo shoot, can a photo taken separately (at another time) and ‘dropped in’ to their team photo?

A: “We can certainly take a portrait of that player and place on the team photo – but we do not photoshop or insert them physically into the team photo – just a headshot placed in a corner of the photo. If they can’t make it any of the shoots at your club then they will need to find another Kangaroo shoot in the area and have it done there – but be mindful we don’t want it happening long after your shoot as it will hold your photos up.”



What if lots of players will be away?

If several players will be away, teams should request their photo be rescheduled to any of the slots marked as ‘vacant’ in the schedule.


Can we reschedule?

Yes, teams can request their photo be rescheduled to any of the slots marked as ‘vacant’ in the schedule.



Photo Proofing

Team Managers have the opportunity to fix up players names, spelling, etc before the photos are confirmed for printing.

Click to play Proofing video
Click to play Proofing video


When will the photos be ready?

Team Photos will be available at Family Gala Day from 8am on Sat 19-Aug-2018.



Are the official club Team Photos mandatory?
No.  Teams are able to opt-out of the official club photos if they want.  Please confirm this is the case so you can be removed from the official photo shoot schedule and make room for someone else.
Teams wishing to make their own team photos are still required to:
  1. include the coaches, asst coaches and team managers in the group shot
  2. send their team photo for inclusion in the annual club records.  Please include player and team officials names. Click here to see the 2014 Team Photos [glen10]