Teamstuff Setup for Team Managers

Setup Steps

1) Confirm Jersey Numbers

See How to Load Jersey Numbers

2) Load Trainings

See also

3) Load Matches

See How do I add a game to my team?

ARRIVAL TIME: Ever wondered how to set one time for the game, and another time for when the team should turn up?

4) Setup DUTIES

Hot Tips

Tip 1: Tell parents how they can BOTH ACCESS their child’s schedules

Here is the procedure to share Teamstuff access to a player with the other parent.

How does my wife/husband/partner/carer get access to my child’s schedule?

Tip 2: Quick Guide For A New Manager
Tip 3: Sending Direct Messages (push notifications)

Urgent messages are best sent at  via Teamstuff’s Blue Bubble (a push notification on parents phones).   Much faster than email.

  1. Parents/Players can’t reply because it would end up as a chat room and urgent messages would get missed.
  2. Teamstuff messages are plain text (no formatting. no links).
Tip 4: Emailing your Team

Email is best for non-urgent messages which require a reply. Also good for messages with must contain formatting and/or links.

  1. Use Teamstuff’s Magic emails.  You don’t have to maintain your own email lists. Parents/players update their own email addresses in Teamstuff.
  2. Teamstuff handles the non-deliveries (bounce-backs) nicely and notifies you if an email didn’t go through.