Refund Policies

2021 Refund Policy

Click or tap view the Club’s 2021 Refund Policy for the season interrupted by the pandemic.

2021 Refund Policy Glen Eira FC

Regular Refund Policy

Applies to uninterrupted seasons.

Seasons 2020 and 2021 had their own special refund policies.


No refunds are provided for acceptance or holding deposits for positions in the following teams:

  • Mens Metro
  • Boys’ NPL
  • Development Squads
  • Graded Teams

Membership Fees

Requests for a partial or full refund of membership fees should be submitted via the online Claim Form.

The following considerations will be taken into account.

  • Registration costs incurred by the club, for example FFA/FV player fees,  will generally not be refunded. 
  • If a player requests a refund before playing 5 matches in the season, a partial refund may be offered. The Club will evaluate the circumstances of the request and decide on the outcome.
  • After 5 matches have been played, no refund will be provided.   A partial refund may be offered if extenuating circumstances (e.g. serious illness or injury, moving away, etc). 
  • Where a player’s membership is terminated by the Club for disciplinary reasons, no refund, regardless of other circumstances will be paid.
  • Memberships are not transferable between players.

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