All Abilites Football

Glen Eira (Rangers)

Glen Eira (Rangers) are an all abilities football (soccer) team for the people living in the area of Glen Eira and the surrounding areas.  Rangers offers the opportunity to enhance the physical and social skills through playing football.

The Rangers are supported by Glen Eira FC and Maccabi FC Caulfield.

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All Abilities Football is an inclusive approach to football, which has been adopted by many affiliated clubs in Victoria. Football for All Abilities represents club programs that provide everybody in the community with an opportunity to play and enjoy football, regardless of their age, gender and ability. A football for All Abilities program will be unique to each club, and as such may focus on a particular segment of underrepresented people in Victoria.

Please refer to the link below for latest version of the 2022 All Abilities League Club Handbook for more information about the competition format, costs, rules & regulations.

Joining and Participation Fee is shown in the club’s fee schedule. Reg fees are paid online with credit card.

AAA Summer Futsal

Glen Eira (Rangers) are playing in the AAA Summer Futsal competition.

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AAA Summer Futsal

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