How to be a Ground Marshal

Ground Marshal must be present and wearing a yellow vest from 15 minutes prior to every kickoff.  Applies to all teams U8 to Seniors.  
Pre-Match Checks
  • Ground Marshal be an adult
  • Ground Marshals must wear a clearly identifiable uniform and be visible at all times
  • Check that balls can’t get through goal nets. Especially bottom of side netting.
  • Check that corner flags are safe.  Also placed straight up & down and not easily knocked or blown over.
  • Safety checks.  Ensure 4m clearance from pitch to dangerous objects such as trolleys, ladders, bikes, prams, etc.

Additional pre-match checks for U12-U18 & Seniors…

  • Halfway flags to be set back 1.5m back from sideline.
  • At least 6 chairs in each technical area.
  • Stretcher & ice packs to be placed between technical areas just behind the halfway flag
  • Keep an eye on the match balls. They are only to be used for match play.   Match Balls aren’t to be used for team warm-ups or other kids to muck around with.
Welcome the Opposition Team
  • Introduce yourself to opposition team officials and be their point of contact with Glen Eira.
  • Explain where is refs room, toilets, changerooms, etc.
  • Make it clear that criticism or pointed questioning of referees is not allowed at Glen Eira home grounds and anyone doing so will have the 3 steps applied.. ask > tell  expel.   
Match Duties
  • Ground Marshal must escort the referee from the clubhouse to the pitch.  Also back in at half-time and again after the match.
  • Control bad behaviour.
    1. Ask them calmly and respectfully to take it easy.
      Remind them that criticism or strong questioning of referees  isn’t allowed.
    2. If it continues, tell them to stop now.
      Important step: Get another parent to start videoing the bad behaviour on their phone.
    3. If it continues and then ask that team’s coach to fix it.
      If it is the coach, then ask their TM or ground marshal to help.
    4. If it continues, expel them from the ground.
      The carpark is the closest they are allowed to be.
    5. If they won’t leave then advise the ref that the match is abandoned. Don’t have a fight. Just pick up the match balls everyone walks away.
  • Keep the exclusion zone (1.5m from sideline) clear of people (including coaches), bags, dogs, etc.  Only linesmen are allowed inside.  And players during an interchange. 
  • Keep the area between the technical areas clear. Only ground marshals allowed.
  • When the spare ball is called for, send someone to retrieve the first ball and bring it back to the halfway flag.
    If it happens a lot, appoint a kid or two as ball retrievers.
  • Remind coaches not to make player interchanges unless the ref has acknowledged it.
  • Ensure that subs wear bibs or similar, especially if they are standing.