How to be a Glen Eira Ground Marshal


Applies to Glen Eira teams U12 –>  Seniors competing in FFV competitions.



According to the rules each team (yes, even the away team) must provide one Ground Marshal who must:

  • be at least 18 years old and provide the Match Official with their name
  • be in a clearly identifiable uniform
  • be visible from the Field of Play at all times
  • escort the Match Official(s) to and from the change rooms and the Field of Play at the commencement of the Competition Fixture, at half time and at full time
  • where required, assist the Match Officials(s) to ensure a safe playing environment for all players, Club Officials and spectators.


Pitch Setup

At home matches, Glen Eira ground marshals are responsible to check that:
(this applies even if your team wasn’t on pitch setup duty)

  • Goal nets must not allow balls to pass through.
  • Goal side and rear netting must be tensioned not saggy/baggy.
  • Corner flags must be straight up & down and not easily knocked or blown over.
  • Halfway flags to be at least 1.5m back from sideline.
  • 6 chairs in each technical zone.
  • Stretcher close to the halfway flag
  • Match balls are near the halfway flag.
    Match balls are not to used for team warmups or for other kids to muck around with.


During the Match
  • Keep the exclusion zone (2m from sideline) clear of people, bags, dogs, etc.
    Only linesmen and coaches are allowed inside.  And players during an interchange.
  • When the spare ball is called for, send someone to retrieve the first ball and bring it back to the halfway flag.
    If it happens a lot, appoint a kid or two as ball retrievers.
  • Control bad behaviour.  Ask them calmly and respectfully to take it easy. If it continues and then ask that team’s coach to fix it.   If the situation escalates:
    1. get someone to video it on their phone
    2. take care of the ref’s safety
    3. abandon the match.
  • Don’t allow coaches to make player interchanges unless the ref has acknowledged it.
  • Don’t allow the incoming player to enter the pitch until the player coming off has crossed the sideline near the halfway flag (injuries excepted).
  • Ensure that subs wear bibs or similar, especially if they are standing.
  • Ask anyone who isn’t a team official or a sub, to move out of the technical area.