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General ManagerStewart Howell
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Joga Bonito Nigel Appelboom0447 299 917
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portrait  Odilia Wijburg

Odilia Wijburg


Odilia is an Associate Professor and the Head of Teaching and Learning in her department at The University of Melbourne. She has a long career in medical research in infection and immunity and in tertiary education. She is passionate about the game of football and aims to work towards an inclusive community where all can enjoy playing football.

Odilia has been involved with the Club since 2014 and has two children playing with the Club. Aside from volunteer roles with their teams, she is currently an Age Group Coordinator and the Child Safety Officer (acting).

portrait  John  Riccioni

John Riccioni


John is a Life Member of the Glen Eira FC. John has volunteered his time coaching girls and boys of all age groups at the club since the first ball was kicked by a Glen Eira player back in 2003.

John has served on the committee between 2006 and 2014. A passionate clubman John is committed to ensuring girls and boys of all ages and abilities can continue to enjoy the game in a fun family friendly environment.

Nola  Woo

Nola Woo


Nola has been a Tax Accountant for 30 years and has been in various honorary roles including Treasurer for her children’s Primary School for 5 years, Neighbourhood Watch & the Lions Club of Ormond–McKinnon. Nola has been associated with Glen Eira FC through her daughter since 2014 and has been an U11 Team Manager & then Coordinator of the U12-U13 Girls. In any organisation, the position of treasurer can be and is challenging. Nola applies accounting skills and experience to meet those challenges and provides the club with a no-nonsense, efficient approach to the club’s financial commitments.

Maggie Stavrou

Committee Member


portrait  Harry Georgiou

Harry Georgiou

Assistant Secretary

Harry Georgiou is the Managing Director of Happsa Group, a National Facilities Management company.

Harry has been part of Glen Eira FC over the last 7 years. His son has been playing for the Club since 2013.

Passionate about player development / growth and an active football member, he has a desire to see the game and Glen Eira FC be the success that it thoroughly deserves. With his corporate experience and networks in the facility management sector over the last 20 years he looks forward to taking on a hands-on and collaborate approach to achieve great results

portrait  Victor Andjelkovic

Victor Andjelkovic

Match & Facilities Manager

Victor is the Transformation Program Manager with Bulla Dairy Foods. His uses his extensive experience in change management and leadership skills to help the club navigate the ever-changing football landscape we operate in.

Victor has two boys playing at the club and has been coaching at Glen Eira more or less continuously for almost 10 years.

Muditha Dasanayak

Committee Member


portrait  Tamara Somers

Tamara Somers


Tamara is Director of Sustainability & ESG at Xero and has over a decade of experience in managing sustainability, communications and governance issues for large, publicly-listed companies in the Asia-Pacific region. Prior to this, Tamara served for ten years in the Australian diplomatic service, developing strong negotiation and advocacy skills, and enhancing her capacity to work in cross-cultural environments. Tamara is passionate about helping community organisations improve member engagement through effective communications, promoting an inclusive and welcoming culture, and building the trust of members and the wider community through transparency and excellence in governance.

Tamara has been involved with Glen Eira FC since 2018 and has served as an Age Level Coordinator and Committee Member as well as being a Go Soccer Mums participant. As a person who lives with disability and parent to two neurodiverse children, Tamara is deeply committed to ensuring Glen Eira FC remains true to its commitment of Football for All..

portrait  Fiona Cowl

Fiona Cowl

Assistant Secretary

Fiona has a background as a lawyer, recruitment consultant and manager before taking on the role as a Lead Coach in leadership and career transition. Fiona loves being involved in the community and has previously been on the board of her children’s primary school and the Victorian Touch Football Association and is a judge for the Telstra Best of Business Awards. Although Fiona hasn’t played football/soccer, she has always played competitive sport and she is currently the Team Manager of her daughter’s team in U16, and her son also previously played for Glen Eira. Fiona is keen to foster the development of all players and volunteers, as well as look for opportunities for the club to enhance its connection to the local community.

portrait  Chris Gorissen

Chris Gorissen

Committee Member

Chris is currently the Legal & Discipline manager of the Police Association of Victoria, the union body that looks after the collective interests of members of Victoria Police. Chris commenced his role with the Police Association in 2010 on secondment from Victoria Police where he spent 25 years undertaking many investigative and general duties roles as well as stints as a lecturer and educator at Detective Training School. Chris was admitted to practice law in 2019.

Chris has been involved as a player or coach in a number of different sports over the years including AFL, football and field hockey. A member of the Melbourne Cricket Club and Richmond Football Club, his real passion is football and a desire to see the game flourish and develop at all levels. He has been involved with Glen Eira FC for 7 years and his son has been with the club since 2015.