About Us

Glen Eira FC is a community football (soccer) club based in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. As a grassroots club, there is a strong primary focus on participation, enjoyment and player development.

Glen Eira isn't focused on results. Parents & players seeking a results-based club, might do better to look elsewhere.

The club isn't culturally or ethnically aligned with any particular section of the community - Glen Eira FC welcomes any person of any age and any ethnicity/cultural background. We also welcome people with any ability and/or disability.


The club’s vision is to make the world a better place by providing skills development and enjoyment to the people of Glen Eira through their involvement in the organised sport of football.


The club’s aim is to provide personal enjoyment and enhance the social skills, life skills and football skills of the people of Glen Eira by providing as many opportunities as possible, for as many of them as possible, to play football.


  • Whilst we recognise that winning is more fun, we value participation and enjoyment over results.
  • Whilst we recognise that on field ability increases personal satisfaction, we value personal development and life skills over football skills.
  • We value our reputation as a friendly and affordable club which welcomes players of all ages and abilities.
  • We value the involvement of parents in their children’s sport and don’t encourage the pickup/dropoff thing.
  • We value the positive behaviour of everyone involved in the game and this value is reinforced in our codes of behaviour.

General Manager


Glen Eira FC has recognised the value in appointing a full time General Manager.  Stewart Howell was president from 2014 to 2017.  He looks after Operational and Administrative matters on a day-to-day basis.

Contact Stewart on 0419 322 122 or info@GlenEiraFC.com.au



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5-Star Club Accreditation - National

NCDP  Certificate 2021

Glen Eira FC has been awarded the maximum star-rating under Football Australia's National Club Accreditation Program

The NCDP rates clubs according to their performance in the following categories. 

  • Admin and Governance
  • Female Participation
  • Participation
  • Facilities
  • Meeting Demand
  • Community Citizen
  • Football Experience


5-Star Club Accreditation - State

Glen Eira FC- CEP- 5-star- 2019

Glen Eira FC has been awarded 5-Star status under Football Victoria’s Club Engagement Program

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Glen Eira Junior Soccer Club Inc. (trading as Glen Eira FC) has been an Incorporated Association in Victoria since 01 Jan 2003.

Victorian incorporated associations are registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012. This gives the organisation a formal legal structure — it becomes a ‘legal person’ – that is, a legal entity that stays the same even if its members change. It can enter into contracts in its own name; for example, to borrow money or buy equipment. This protects the individual members of the association from legal liabilities.


Public Liability Insurance


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Certificate of Currency - Glen Eira FC