Glen Eira FC was founded in December 2002 as Glen Eira Junior Soccer Club Inc..  

Founding Members

  • Darron Foley
  • Min Foley
  • George Gregorczyk
  • Graham Horsfield
  • Jim Magee
  • Erica Horsfield
  • Frank Weerdenberg
  • Mary Weerdenberg
  • Oscar Caruana
  • Rosa Caruana
  • Noel Turner
  • Heather Turner

Life Members

  • Anne Cowen
  • Frank Weerdenberg
  • Mary Weerdenberg
  • Noel Turner
  • Daniel Levy
  • Greg Fazio
  • John Riccioni

In 2020 the season was cancelled. Most teams got in some training sessions but played no matches.

Junior Boys’ NPL teams played 9 matches and impressed.

In 2019 the club fielded the maximum allowable number of teams in Junior Boys A-Grade competitions

  • U13A Boys (1 team)
  • U14A Boys (2 teams)
  • U15A Boys (2 teams)
  • U16A Boys (2 teams)

Club Stats

  • 1050 Players, 77 Teams
  • Female Representation


  • Glen Eira (Stingrays) won the U13A Boys’ Metropolitan championship
  • Glen Eira (Leopards) won the U13B Boys’ Metropolitan championship


  • Glen Eira (Eagles) came in top half of ladder in U15A Boys
  • Glen Eira (Gunners) got promoted from U14B Boys
  • Glen Eira (Leopards) got promoted from U13B Boys

Club Stats

  • 932 Players, 77 Teams
  • Female Representation
    • Committee 20%
    • Coaches 3%
    • Players 18% (13 Womens and Girls teams)
  • Stewart Howell is appointed as the club’s first full-time General Manager.
  • Club grows again to about 80 teams.  (~940 registered players)
  • Club wins more FFV pennants and trophies than anyone else.
  • Replaced the old steel goals at Mackie with modern aluminum goals.
  • Senior Mens team competes in FFA Cup
  • Free weekly goalkeeper training program implemented.

Committee: Glen Eira FC members elected a new committee at the annual general meeting on 5 November 2016.

  • Michael Westaway was elected the new President of Glen Eira FC.
    Michael is a Partner at HWL Ebsworth Lawyers, and a parent and former coach at the club.
  • Craig Churchill – Vice President
  • Alexander Yianni – Treasurer
  • David Hobbs – Secretary
  • Jocelyn Dussuyer – Assistant Secretary
  • Mark Tovey – Match and Facilities Manager
  • David Nicolaides
  • Rochelle Rodrigues
  • Brad Vanderwert
  • Robert Ward

The members at the meeting thanked Stewart Howell for his outstanding contribution as President of the club over the past four years and congratulated him on his appointment as the first General Manager of Glen Eira FC.


  1. Sr. Glen Eira (Raptors)
  2. Sr. Glen Eira (Dodos)
  3. Sr. Glen Eira (Buzzards)
  4. Sr. Glen Eira (Sirens)
  5. Sr. Glen Eira (Phoenix)
  6. Sr. Glen Eira (Falcons)
  7. U16G Glen Eira (Gladiators)
  8. U14G Glen Eira (Gryphons)
  9. U12G Glen Eira (Galaxy)
  10. U11G Glen Eira (Firebirds)
  11. U11G Glen Eira (Meerkats)
  12. U10G Glen Eira (Dolphins)
  13. U10G Glen Eira (Mermaids)
  14. U9G Glen Eira (Unicorns)
  15. U8G Glen Eira (Owls)
  16. U18 Glen Eira (Impact)
  17. U17 Glen Eira (Odyssey)
  18. U16 Glen Eira (Infinity)
  19. U16 Glen Eira (Intensity)
  20. U15 Glen Eira (Extreme)
  21. U15 Glen Eira (Challengers)
  22. U15 Glen Eira (Eclipse)
  23. U14 Glen Eira (Condors)
  24. U14 Glen Eira (Eagles)
  25. U14 Glen Eira (Warriors)
  26. U14 Glen Eira (Jets)
  27. U14 Glen Eira (Giants)
  28. U14 Glen Eira (Missiles)
  29. U13 Glen Eira (Stingrays)
  30. U13 Glen Eira (Ninjas)
  31. U13 Glen Eira (Gunners)
  32. U13 Glen Eira (Piranhas)
  33. U13 Glen Eira (Pythons)
  34. U13 Glen Eira (Trojans)
  35. U12 Glen Eira (Jaguars)
  36. U12 Glen Eira (Leopards)
  37. U12 Glen Eira (Cheetahs)
  38. U12 Glen Eira (Panthers)
  39. U12 Glen Eira (Sharks)
  40. U11 Glen Eira (Comets)
  41. U11 Glen Eira (Knights)
  42. U11 Glen Eira (Scorpions)
  43. U11 Glen Eira (Taipans)
  44. U11 Glen Eira (Rhinos)
  45. U11 Glen Eira (Crocodiles)
  46. U11 Glen Eira (Pumas)
  47. U10 Glen Eira (Highlanders)
  48. U10 Glen Eira (Vipers)
  49. U10 Glen Eira (Honey Badgers)
  50. U10 Glen Eira (Dragons)
  51. U10 Glen Eira (Alligators)
  52. U10 Glen Eira (Velocity)
  53. U10 Glen Eira (Samurai)
  54. U9 Glen Eira (Tarantulas)
  55. U9 Glen Eira (Vikings)
  56. U9 Glen Eira (Lasers)
  57. U9 Glen Eira (Magic)
  58. U9 Glen Eira (Meteors)
  59. U9 Glen Eira (Supernovas)
  60. U9 Glen Eira (Phoenix)
  61. U8 Glen Eira (Marlins)
  62. U8 Glen Eira (Penguins)
  63. U8 Glen Eira (Dingos)
  64. U8 Glen Eira (Zebras)
  65. U8 Glen Eira (Spiders)
  66. U8 Glen Eira (Muskrats)
  67. U8 Glen Eira (Otters)
  68. U8 Glen Eira (Pandas)
  69. U7 Glen Eira (Cats)
  70. U7 Glen Eira (Wolves)
  71. U7 Glen Eira (Lions)
  72. U7 Glen Eira (Bears)
  73. U7 Glen Eira (Raccoons)
  74. U7 Glen Eira (Spartans)
  75. U7 Glen Eira (Devils)
  76. U7 Girls Glen Eira (Lemurs) Girls
  77. 5-6yo Kick-Off
  • 70 Teams, including 8 girls teams.
  • Committee
    • President: Stewart Howell
    • Vice-President: Secretary: Michael Smitheram
    • Treasurer: Joel Broughton
  • Robert Ward appointed as Coaching Coordinator
  • Chris Tsoronis appointed as canteen manager.
  • Melbourne City host a free goalkeeper clinic attended by over 50 Glen Eira keepers.
  • Seniors teams move to FFV leagues  (formerly in VCFA – Churches League)
    • Dodos in Metro SE Div4
    • Buzzards in Metro SE Div6
    • Sirens in Womens State 4
  • Formed a new U14 A-grade team as the Glen Eira (Challengers) but they had to play in 15C due to lack of available slots in 14A.
  • 63 teams.  Click to see 2015 Team Photos
  • More matches at Lord on Sundays, enough to open the canteen.
  • FTS U14 boys team won the championship. Again.
  • U12 Glen Eira Mercury were ballgirls at AAMI Park for a Melbourne City match.
  • Sylvain Le Boudoir was appointed in the new role of coaching coordinator.
  • Passing of Noel Turner.
  • Life Membership conferred upon Noel Turner
  • 2nd year of the All Abilities team – Glen Eira Rangers (in conjunction with NCJFC & RMF).
  • Established new U8/9 Girls team (Unicorns).
  • Established new U10 Girls team (Geckos).
  • Second year of the intra-club under 7s comp with 8 teams.
  • Goalkick program renamed as Kick-Off (new FFA program) and grew to 60 members
  • Most active volunteers:  Stewart Howell (President, Registrar), David Hobbs – Secretary. Michael Smitheram (Canteen, Linemarking), Joel Broughton (Treasurer)
  • 40 teams
  • Started playing at Lord on Sundays
  • U13 DS boys team won the championship.
  • U10 Glen Eira Pythons played at AAMI during half-break in a Friday night A-League match.
  • Tas Mpandinis was appointed in the new role of coaching coordinator.
  • Celebrity women players from the Matildas and Melbourne Victory ran a special training session for the U12 and U14 girls teams.
  • Established All Abilities program – Glen Eira Rangers (in conjunction with NCJFC & RMF).
  • Established new U8/9 Girls team (Dolphins).
  • Established new U12 Girls team (Mercury).
  • Established second social senior mens team (Buzzards).
  • Established intra-club under 7s comp with 5 teams.
  • Goalkick program grew to 40 members
  • Most active volunteers:  Stewart Howell (President, Registrar), Michael Smitheram, (Canteen, Linemarking), Joel Broughton (Treasurer), Amanda Motoki (Uniforms)
  • Click to see 2014 Team Photos.

President: Stewart Howell
Vice President: Victor Andjelkovic
Secretary: Hans van de Graaff
Treasurer: Joel Broughton
Assistant Secretary: Maddie Newell
Registrar: Stewart Howell
Uniforms Manager: Amanda Motoki
Match and Facilities Manager: John Riccioni

2014 Training Space Allocations


  • President Michael Smitheram
  • Treasurer Goran Predic
  • Secretary Hans van de Graaf
  • Registrar Stewart Howell

Serious consideration was given to playing the seniors teams in FFV State Leagues but decided to stay in VCFA for financial reasons.

  • President: Michael Smitheram
  • Treasurer: Goran Predic
  • Secretary: Hans van de Graaf
  • President: Michael Smitheram
  • President: Daniel Levy
  • Don Ingliss was Registrar and Treasurer
  • Vice Presidency shared by Jill Jukes and Michael Smitheram

  • President Daniel Levy.
  • Registrar and Treasurer was Don Ingliss


  • 500 players, 31 teams (incl 7 all girls teams and 2 wheelchair teams)
  • A very hard year to get grounds to train and play on due to the drought.
  • The wheelchair teams also lost their venue for matches.
  • Glen Eira players comprised the Ball Squad for Melbourne Victory at Telstra dome on 26 Oct 2007
  • 420 players, 25 teams, 6 girls teams, 2 wheelchair teams, 60+ goalkick kids
  • FFV and VicHealth recognised the club for its policy of inclusion
  • Senior Mens team finished 5th in VCSA Div2. Coach Noel Turner.
  • Major sponsor was Bendigo Bank of East Malvern.
  • President Kimo Wassef
  • Click here for full details of 2006 season.
  • 385 players, 24 teams, 6 girls teams, 62 Goalkick kids.
  • The senior mens team won the VCSA Div3 premiership. Coach Noel Turner.
  • U16 Girls and U17 Boys had a trip to Fiji.
  • Widespread accolades for the club
  • Over 20 events on the clubs social calendar.
  • Noel Turner won a volunteer award from Council.
  • Coaching coordinator Kimo Wassef
  • Most active volunteers: Frank & Mary Weerdenburg
  • Click here for full details of 2005 season.
  • The senior men’s team won the VCSA Div4 premiership.
  • 2 grants from Telstra.
  • Won an $8000 Tatersalls award.
  • Presiden: Darron Foley.
  • Most active volunteers: Frank & Mary Weerdenburg
  • Inaugural season: 250 players, 12 teams including one girls team and a vibrant goalkick program.
  • President was Darron Foley.
  • Most active volunteers: Frank & Mary Weerdenburg