Club Policies



No Pay, No Play

Players who haven't paid their registration fee 24 hours prior to kickoff may not play matches for Glen Eira.  

Applies to all fixtures, tournaments and friendly matches against other clubs.  Excludes intra-club friendlies.

This policy reduces the risk borne by the club by ensuring that players have a basic level of insurance coverage from the associations.  Section 1.8.2.a. of the FFV’s Rules of Competition states:

All Players taking the field of play (or training) must be insured through FFV’s Insurer (or as otherwise allowed by FFV). The Player’s insurance will be collected by FFV at the time of Player payment for registration via the Club Finance System (refer to the Summary of Cover as posted on FFV Website for policy details).

The policy also reduces the administrative overhead of chasing unpaid or partially paid players for their fees.

The 24-hour cut-off provides adequate time to notify the opposition of a forfeit if we don’t have enough registered players to field a team.


No Playing Down an Age

Players from U7-U18 must play in their own age group or above.
- Players granted medical dispensation by FFV
- Players granted age dispensation by FFV because they haven't played with a club before.
- Players granted special grounds dispensation by the Glen Eira FC committee.

Going from U11 to U12 is a big step up for players.  In U12 they play in 11-a-side teams on a full-sized pitch with professional refs, the offside rule applies and most notably, age limits are enforced by the Football Federation.

This means any 12 year olds who were still playing in U11s because that’s where their mates were, are up for the high jump all the way to U13.  The jump from 11 to 12 is hard enough, but to go from 11 to 13 means many players will just leave the game. Ouch.

The longer we leave it, the harder it gets to make the jump. This policy aims to keep kids in the game for longer by requiring kids to play in their right age group (or above) right from the outset when they are 5/6/7/8 years old.

See also Which Age Group am I?





The symptoms can be any of:

  • deteriorating consciousness
  • headache
  • dizziness / balance problems
    Can they walk along a line?
  • confusion / memory loss
    Ask what day is it? what did you do yesterday? who are we playing against?
  •  vomiting / nausea
  • neck pain
  • double vision
A player who exhibits any of the above symptoms shall be immediately removed from the match or training and shall not return to play that day. 

The player isn't allowed to play or train until they have had a formal medical clearance.

The coach is responsible for ensuring that the player’s parents are notified.

More details are available in the FFA Concussion Guidelines.



Equal Game Time


Players who attend at least 80% of the normal training sessions shall receive equal game time. 

Up to U11 it applies to every match. 

From U12 upwards it applies over the course of the season.

Playing stronger players for longer to get better match results, runs contrary to the Glen Eira’s aim as a participation-based club to maximise the enjoyment of all participants in the game.

See also Squad Sizes.



Juniors don’t subsidise Seniors

Club funds generated by junior teams shall not be used to subsidise the operation of senior teams.

Senior teams can be expensive to run.  In order to fulfill the club’s aim of providing as much opportunity as possible to play football, we need to keep the fees down and this is easier if the senior teams are financially independent.


Training Expectations – Kangaroos/A-Grade

Players in Kangaroo level/A-Grade teams are expected to attend 2 training sessions per week.  Any Kangaroo player unable to regularly attend one of their own team’s training sessions due to other commitments, should make up their second session by training with another team each week.



Borrowing Players Policy

Players may not play for another team unless their coach and parents consent.

This policy is designed to prevent teams being destabilised by the unexpected tiring/injury/loss of their players because they are playing for someone else.

Teams wishing to borrow players from another team should seek permission from the coach of that team first. If the coach consents then you still need to clear it with the player’s parents as well.



Shin Guards

Shin guards must be worn at training.

This policy is designed to prevent unnecessary injuries.  Of course they must worn at matches too, that is in the rules.






Extreme Weather Policy

The club follows the Extreme Weather Policy of the FFV.

Highlights of this policy are:

  • Heat: If the forecast temperature one (1) day prior to a fixture is for 36ºC or above, postponement of fixtures should be considered as a real possibility.
  • Hail: All play should be suspended during hail storms so that players and officials can seek suitable shelter.
  • Lightning: If the time between lightning flash and the thunder sound is less than 30 SECONDS then play should be suspended, and not resumed until 30 MINUTES after the last thunder.
  • Cold: Minus 2 degrees Celsius (Apparent Temperature) is the point where play should be suspended for wind chill factor.

This policy applies to training and trials sessions as well as fixtures and friendly matches.




For Miniroos players (U7 to U11), participation trophies will always be provided.  The club covers the cost of the trophies.
For Junior teams (U12 to U18) participation trophies are only available on an opt-in basis. The club covers the cost of the trophies.

The trophies will be presented at Family Gala day.   Coaches get a few minutes on stage to say a few words and present the trophies to their players.  Parents can then get some photos of the players holding their trophies .

Teams may opt-out of Gala Day and present their trophies at their own end-of-season celebration.    Trophies aren’t available prior to Gala Day.

NOTE: There are no subsidies provided by the club towards a team’s end-of-season celebration in lieu of trophies.

If any trophies break, replacement trophies are available from the Club Hub.  The engraving nameplate and the club logo (both held on by double sided tape) will be transferred from the broken trophy to the new one.





Tournament entry fees are to be covered by the participants.

In the past the club covered/subsidised tournament entry fees to encourage teams to participate in tournaments.    This has been withdrawn because:

  1. it was expensive (and not really fair that kids who didn’t attend were helping to pay for kids who did attend)
  2. an incentive to attend tournaments isn’t required any more. Glen Eira FC now has more than enough teams willing to participate in tournaments at their own expense.





Certification of Coaches

All Glen Eira coaches must have a current coaching certification appropriate for the age level of their team.

The level of competence and professionalism becomes more important as the kids get older.  Even at a grassroots club like Glen Eira.

See also Coach Education.



Refund Policy

Players who don't play any matches in a season are entitled to have 70% of their fees refunded. 

Players who play up to half the matches in a season are entitled to have 35% of their fees refunded.
  • There is no refund for players who play half or more of the matches in a season.
  • There is no refund for players who are expelled from the club or miss matches due to suspensions or other disciplinary circumstances.
  • To play in a match is defined as taking the field for any amount of time.
  • Matches include fixtures, finals, tournaments and friendly matches.
  • At the sole discretion of the club, up to 90% of the fees may be refunded in certain extenuating circumstances.



Club Policies are to be read in conjunction with the Club Constitution.  In the event of conflict, the constitution shall take precedence.







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