Club Policies

No Pay, No Play.

Players who haven't paid their registration fee 24 hours prior to kickoff may not play matches for Glen Eira.  

Applies to all fixtures and tournaments against other clubs.  Excludes friendly matches and intra-club friendlies.

This policy reduces the risk borne by the club by ensuring that players have a basic level of insurance coverage from the associations.  Section 1.8.2.a. of the FFV’s Rules of Competition states:

All Players taking the field of play (or training) must be insured through FFV’s Insurer (or as otherwise allowed by FFV). The Player’s insurance will be collected by FFV at the time of Player payment for registration via the Club Finance System (refer to the Summary of Cover as posted on FFV Website for policy details).

The policy also reduces the administrative overhead of chasing unpaid or partially paid players for their fees.

The 24-hour cut-off provides adequate time to notify the opposition of a forfeit if we don’t have enough registered players to field a team.

Age Policy: No Playing UP (Graded Teams)

Players in U8-U16 Graded Teams must trial to play in their own age group

Players develop faster in their own age group than in a higher age group.

Playing them in a higher age group where they are more challenged* is not as effective as playing them in their own age group where they will exhibit superior skills and have increased confidence on the ball. They develop faster and become better players than they would if they were in the higher age group.

A secondary reason for the policy is that graded team spots should be available to players of the correct age and not unnecessarily occupied by players from a lower age group.

a) Players who are a obviously far more skilled than any of the players in their own age group will be encouraged to try out for a Development Squad (own age group) or offered a spot in a graded team in a higher age group.

b) Graded team players who have been playing continuously in a higher age group with Glen Eira FC since season 2016 can stay in the higher age group.

* Talented players playing in their own age group and seeking additional challenge will be encouraged to occasionally play matches and train with teams in the higher age group.

Players wanting to play up a year because that’s where their mates are isn’t a priority for graded teams. Players may play up a year with their mates in ungraded teams.

Age Policy: No playing DOWN (All Teams)

Players in U8-U16 Graded and Ungraded Teams may not play below their own age group.

This policy aims to keep kids in the game for longer by requiring kids to play in their correct age group from the outset when they are 7 or 8 years old because the longer you leave it, the harder it gets. They have to make the change at 12 years old anyway so best to do it early.

FV Rules of Competition exclude over age players from U12 upwards. This is when scores start to be recorded and ladders are kept. Any 12yo child playing in an U11 team therefore has to skip U12 the following year and move to an U13 team in order to remain eligible to play. Boys’ teams U13 play 11-a-side football on a full-size pitch against much bigger kids. Many players prefer to leave the game rather than face this hurdle.

• Players granted medical dispensation by FV
• Players granted age dispensation by FV because they haven’t played with a club before.
• U8-U11 Players granted special grounds dispensation by Glen Eira FC

Sun Safety

See the Sun Safety Policy page.

Complaints Policy

See the Complaints Policy page.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Disciplinary Policy

Child Photo and Video Policy

Social Media Policy

See the Social Media Policy page.


See the Concussion Policy page.

Extreme Weather Policy

The club follows the Extreme Weather Policy of FV.

Highlights of this policy are:

  • Heat: For Matches: If the forecast maximum temperature on the day before a match is for 36ºC or above, postponement of fixtures should be considered as a real possibility. For Trainings [only applies to teams up to and including U16] Training sessions should be cancelled if the temperature during the training session exceeds 36ºC.
  • Hail: All outdoor activity should be suspended during hail storms so that players and officials can seek suitable shelter.
  • Lightning: If the time between lightning flash and the thunder sound is less than 30 SECONDS then outdoor activity should be suspended, and not resumed until 30 MINUTES after the last thunder.
  • Cold: Minus 2 degrees Celsius (Apparent Temperature) is the point where play should be suspended for wind chill factor.

This policy applies to training and trials sessions as well as fixtures and friendly matches.

Borrowing Players Policy

Players may not play for another team unless their coach and parents consent.

Teams wishing to borrow players from another team should seek permission from the coach of that team first. If the coach consents then you still need to clear it with the player’s parents as well.

This policy is designed to prevent teams being destabilised by the unexpected tiring/injury/loss of their players because they are playing for someone else.

See also Player Shortages.

Shin Guards

Shin guards for players up to U16 must be worn at training.

This policy is designed to prevent unnecessary injuries. Of course they must worn at matches too, that is in the rules.

The policy doesn’t apply to older players because they should be easing up and not going in hard at training sessions.

Air Quality Policy

Outdoor football activities (matches, training, grading sessions, etc.) should not take place when air quality for Melbourne is deemed to be Very Poor or Hazardous according to EPA AirWatch.

Players and officials with asthma or other existing lung and heart conditions, those who are pregnant and those who are over the age of 65, should also reconsider their participation in coaching, training or matches if the air quality is rated as Poor according to EPA AirWatch.

The health and safety of officials and participants is of primary concern for Glen Eira FC.

During the bushfire season, smoke from bushfires can present a health concern for outdoor activities. Smoke contains fine particles that can affect your health.

For most people, smoke causes mild symptoms like:

  • sore eyes
  • sore nose
  • sore throat

However, it can be more dangerous for people with existing lung and heart conditions including asthma, emphysema and angina, or if you are pregnant or over the age of 65. In addition, children up to 14 years old are more sensitive to the effects of smoke inhalation.

People with these conditions should avoid outdoor physical activity when there’s smoke around. People with asthma should follow their Asthma Action Plan and keep their asthma medication with them.

The best way to reduce exposure to smoke is to stay indoors with the doors and windows shut.

The above policy follows the guidance of the Commonwealth Department of Health for outdoor sporting activity.

The Club will notify team officials if air quality on a particular day requires training, matches or other Club-related activity to be cancelled.

Training Expectations – Graded Teams

Players in graded teams are expected to attend 2 training sessions per week.  Graded team players unable to regularly attend one of their own team's training sessions due to other commitments, should make up their second session by training with another team each week.

Juniors don’t subsidise Seniors

Club funds generated by junior teams shall not be used to subsidise the operation of senior teams.

Senior teams can be expensive to run.  In order to fulfill the club’s aim of providing as much opportunity as possible to play football, we need to keep the fees down and this is easier if the senior teams are financially independent.

Refund Policy

No refunds are provided for acceptance or holding deposits for positions in the following teams:
– Mens Metro
– Boys’ NPL
– Development Squads
– Graded Teams

Membership Fees
Requests for a partial or full refund of membership fees should be submitted via the online Claim Form.

The following considerations will be taken into account.

  1. Registration costs incurred by the club, for example FFA/FV player fees,  will generally not be refunded. 
  2. If a player requests a refund before playing 5 matches in the season, a partial refund may be offered. The Club will evaluate the circumstances of the request and decide on the outcome.
  3. After 5 matches have been played, no refund will be provided.   A partial refund may be offered if extenuating circumstances (e.g. serious illness or injury, moving away, etc). 
  4. Where a player’s membership is terminated by the Club for disciplinary reasons, no refund, regardless of other circumstances will be paid.
  5. Memberships are not transferable between players.

Equal Game Time

Playing stronger players for longer to get better match results, runs contrary to the Glen Eira’s aim as a participation-based club to maximise the enjoyment of all participants in the game.

Players who attend at least 80% of the normal training sessions shall receive equal game time. 

Up to U12 it applies to every match. 

From U13 upwards it applies over the course of the season.

See also Squad Sizes.

End-of-Season Awards

For teams U13 upwards, the Team Manager may choose nominate up to 3 players to receive larger merit-based trophies as awards.
Every U8 to U12 player is provided with a Participation Trophy on Family Gala Day.  Excludes Development Squads
Every 5-7yo Kickoff participant is provided with a Participation Medal on Family Gala Day.


Tournament entry fees are to be covered by the participants.

In the past the club covered/subsidised tournament entry fees to encourage teams to participate in tournaments.    This has been withdrawn because:

  1. it was expensive (and not really fair that kids who didn’t attend were helping to pay for kids who did attend)
  2. an incentive to attend tournaments isn’t required any more. Glen Eira FC now has more than enough teams willing to participate in tournaments at their own expense.

Certification of Coaches

All Glen Eira coaches should hold a current coaching certification appropriate for the age level of their team.

The level of competence and professionalism becomes more important as the kids get older.  Even at a grassroots club like Glen Eira.

See also Coach Education.


Club Policies are to be read in conjunction with the Club Constitution.  In the event of conflict, the constitution shall take precedence.