Player ID Cards

Match Eligibilty

Player ID cards are proof that players are properly registered in FV.   Without a valid Player ID card, players are ineligible to play in FV matches. 

Playing without a valid Player ID card means:

  1. they have no injury insurance coverage
  2. match results could be overturned
  3. the club and the the responsible parties could have to front the tribunal for playing unregistered players
  4. significant fines and penalties apply


U8 - U11 Players

  • It's a Club requirement that a Player ID card exists in the system for each U8-U11 player.  
  • There is no requirement to present the Player ID cards at matches.
  • For U11 players, Player ID Cards should include a photo of the player.  This means they are eligible to play in U12 if they get a last-minute call up.
  • For U8-U10 players, photos on Player ID cards are optional.


U12 - Seniors

  • The Player ID for each player U12 upwards, must be available for presentation to the referee prior to every fixture.
  • ID Cards may be presented to referees in electronic form (i.e. via smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc).   
  • Photocopied Player ID Cards aren't accepted.
  • For U12-U21 Players, Player ID Cards must include a recent and recognisable photo of the player. The photo must be embedded in the card and not attached after cards have been printed.
  • For Seniors, photos on Player ID cards are optional.



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