2024 Age Groupings

Which Age Group am I?

Under‘ means the age you are under on 1st January

Eg. if you are aged 9yo on the 1st January then you play in U10 that year.

In other words, Under‘ means ‘Turning

Eg. an Under 12 team consists of players who are turning 12 years old in that calendar year.

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Year Born Season 2024
Men and Boys' Teams
Season 2024
Women and Girls' Teams
1950-1979 Men's Over 45s Soccer Mums
1980-2002 Senior Men Senior Women or Soccer Mums
2003 Senior Men Senior Women
2004 U20 Boys Senior Women
2005 U20 Boys U19 Girls or Senior Women
2006 U18 Boys U18 - U19 Girls or Senior Women
2007 U17 Boys U17 - U19 Girls
2008 U16 Boys U16 Girls
2009 U15 Boys U15 Girls
2010 U14 Boys U14 Girls
2011 U13 Boys U13 Girls
2012 U12 Boys U12 Girls
2013 U11 Boys U11 Girls
2014 U10 Boys U10 Girls
2015 U9 Boys U9 Girls
2016 U8 Boys (or Joga Bonito) U8 Girls  (or Joga Bonito)
2017 Joga Bonito or U8 Boys Joga Bonito or U8 Girls
2018-2020 Joga Bonito Joga Bonito