Team Manager Role


The objective of the TM role is:
  • To act as the go-between for the parents and the coach.  
  • To pass on the coach’s requests to the parents and players.  
  • To provide feedback from the parents to the coach.
  • To ensure the successful management of the team and welfare of the players in their care, whilst making sure that all off field matters are dealt with efficiently and timely.  

The estimated time commitment for a Team Manager is approx 1.5 to 2 hours per week.



  • Submit your own WWC Card Number
  • Register as a Volunteer on PlayFootball
  • Liaise with all team members, parents, coaches and officials to ensure all are informed of training, competition and club functions.
  • Ensure all players have valid Player-ID cards before they play any matches.
  • Document any problems that arise between team members, parents, coaches and supporters and present these to a club representative.
  • Communicate parent concerns/complaints to the coach and/or club.
  • Ensure parents know how to purchase their Playing Uniforms.
  • Ensure parents know how to access the fixture list.
  • Organise the duty roster for the parents. Eg Ground Marshall, Linesman, Snakes/Oranges, etc.
  • Ensure correct spelling of player names on trophies, team photos, etc. when requested by the club.
  • Monitor and restock the team’s first aid kit as required.
  • Organise tournament entries and entry fees as required.


Matchday Responsibilities 

  • Organise players to be at right place at right time.
  • Organise the parent roster to bring the oranges, etc.
  • Organise someone to be the ground marshal
  • Organise helpful parents to setup/packup goals, nets, flags.
  • Arrange substitutions when rostered families are unable to complete duties
  • Arrive early at all matches to make sure that someone is available to deal with match day issues that may arise, or arrange a substitute team manager if you cannot attend.
  • Inform the club if the referee is not in attendance 10 minutes prior to the match, so that a substitute can be sought and the match can go on (30 minutes for U12 upwards).

For U12-U21 and Mens Metro teams:

  • all the above plus
  • have your team’s Player ID cards printed out ready for the referee to inspect
  • organise someone to be the linesman
  • ensure the match balls are ready at the start of the game, and don’t go missing at the end of the game (home matches only).
  • organise payment of the referee/linesmen fee from Canteen. See FV Ref Fees
  • fill out the match record book…
  • white copy for the referee
  • yellow copy for the opposition team
  • pink copy stays in book until requested by club
  • submit the online match results to Fox Sporting Pulse by 6pm Sunday

For Womens State League and Boys' NPL

  • Prepare and print out the Online Team Sheets.

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